“When Was Ping Pong Invented?” And Other History Facts

Ping pong, one of the most popular sports of all time

Actually has roots that go way back. In this article, we give you basic information every ping-pong player must know. When was ping pong invented, how it got its name, how it got popular and how it evolved into the game it is today, all these questions will be answered in this article.

Starting off as a humble parlor game, ping pong has always been a game made with the objective of social interaction. In the earlier days, parlors had ping pong tables, and anyone who wished to pay around could do so.

People would have to bring their own accessories like paddles and balls. Made as an alternative for lawn tennis, ping pong originated in the 1880s when it was too cold for playing outside in the winters. So the answer to the question “When was ping pong invented” can be answered very simply – in the 1880s, when the winter was too bad to go outdoors and play lawn tennis.

A game born out of desperation slowly caught on with people and grew to become a game widely loved by everyone.

The name “ping-pong” was given by an English firm called J. Jaques and Son. By the end of the 1800s, the Parker Brothers from America later took the name and put a trademark on it. With rising popularity, by the beginning of 1901, there were various tournaments being held, with the number of participants exceeding 300 people.

In 1922, the Ping Pong Association was renamed to the Table Tennis Association.


Pingpong OlympicIn 1927, Ivor Montague became the chairman of the English Table Tennis Association. He was the son of Lord Ewatthling. The ETTA started off with membership if 19 leagues, but now it has over 300 leagues and over seventy-five thousand registered players.

Initially called ping-pong, the game was also given the name of table tennis in 1921-1922. The Fédération Internationale de Tennis de Table (International Table Tennis Federation) was founded in 1926 and was led by different people representing  Germany, Hungary, and England.
The founding members of this association were mostly from England, Sweden, Hungary, India, Denmark, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Wales. By the mid-1990s more than 165 national associations were members.

This game became extremely dominant in Central Europe, especially after World War II. But all of a sudden, the game started to grow very popular with Asians in the year 1953.

They had a lot of influence over how the game developed into its present form. Horoi Satoh from Japan introduced the idea of adding a rubber foam sheet to the ping pong paddle, a development that is still being used to date. The rubber padding was added so that the ball can bounce off the paddle better, making the game more fast and exciting. Asian ping-pong enthusiasts also invented the penholder grip. They really have influenced modern ping-pong a lot.

In 1988, ping pong was added to the list of Olympic sports.

With a rich history of emergence and development, ping pong sure has come a long way from the 1880s. When was ping pong invented is a great question to ask, as it reveals a plethora of information which makes the sport what it is today.

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