Used Pool Table – Price Guide and More.

We get it, owning a pool table is expensive. While a full-size professional pool table costs $500 and up (anywhere up to $2,000 or even $3,000), not everyone who loves the idea of having a pool table at home finds it affordable. This is why the concept of prior used pool tables is becoming increasingly popular.

In this article, we aim to address many of the questions one might have before they go ahead with purchasing a used pool table. Most importantly, we are going to go through the used pool table price guide, so that financially, you are more than prepared to deal with what’s to come.

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Things to keep in mind before purchasing your first used pool table –

Everyone wants a  great pool table, but not everyone has the budget for getting a new one home. This is when people usually consider the idea of getting a previously owned table. But before you buy a table like that, please keep in mind that although the table might seem cheap, you have to go through its specifications, because you might come across some defects which can take hundreds of dollars to fix up, leaving you spending the same amount on a used table.

Used pool table price guide –

While you can get a great used table ranging anywhere from $500 to $1500, it is an absolute bummer to realize later on after the transaction has occurred that the table is not in great playing condition.

So before this mishap occurs, check the built of the table, where it has been manufactured and do a small research on the brand of the table.

Most reviews online from customers can be trusted, so the internet would be a great friend at this time. Check the quality of the felt used on the tabletop.

If it is damaged and you decide to buy the table anyway, keep in mind that the price of the cloth can range anywhere from $150 to $1000, taking your entire budget on a ride.

The rubber rail bumpers of a great pool table are the main attraction.

The lifespan of these bumper rails is anywhere from 25 to 50 years,  after which the quality of bounce diminishes drastically.

Check if the rails are still in great condition and will last for as long as you have the table because getting new rails is a very expensive affair. The cost of re-rubbering your table can go from $500 to $1000 easily, depending on the quality of the rubber you choose.

This means that you would have to spend almost the same amount as you paid for the used table, just to fix up the rail bumpers. This is not at all a practical move.

There are many reasons why the rubber bumper rails deteriorate with time, and exposure to moisture and cold is one of the main ones. This makes the rubber brittle and hard, and not effective at all.

Another feature that must be checked before making a purchase is the drop pockets of the table. If you are lucky, they will still be in great condition. If not, the pockets might be ripped or stretched out. Replacing the pockets too, is quite expensive, with prices going up to $500.

Pay attention to the playing surface –

What material is the tabletop made up of? The ideal material for a great playing surface is a slate bed. One made up of Brazilian or Italian slate is the best you can get.

But MDF and hardwood is also a great option. Get a used table made up of one of these materials, and be happy, for you have a lifetime of great pool games coming up! Make sure that your used table also comes along with all the necessary accessories, which should also ideally be in great shape.


The whole objective of this article was to make the future used pool table owners aware of the fact that even though they might get their table at a cheap price, the repairs which go behind some of them can be very costly.

This used pool table price guide is to let people know that their dream pool table is somewhere out there, but it just needs some time and effort to find the perfect one.

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