Things You Must Know About Vintage Shuffleboard Tables

A game that has its roots traced back to the 15th century, shuffleboard Tables has a very interesting background. The shuffleboard table we see today has undergone many changes to become what it has. Initially, in the 15th Century, people would slide large coins called groats down a table.

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Accurately, the game got called Shove Groat or Slide Groat. Later, instead of a groat, a silver penny started being used. A game popular among Englishmen and soldiers, shuffleboard sure has come a long way, from the vintage shuffleboard tables to the highly advanced ones we see today.

Rock-Ola – The most popular Vintage Shuffleboard Table.

One of the most popular vintage shuffleboard tables is the Rock-Ola antique shuffleboard table. Not only is it vintage, but it is often referred to as the best shuffleboard table ever made in history. Being manufactured only between 1948 to 1950, the table is still in huge demand as not many table scans match up to the quality build and features of the Rock-Ola.

Materials used for making the legendary Rock-Ola –

This table was handmade using a special kind of hardwood called “Horse Collar”. Made according to the original standard dimensions, the table is 22 feet long, but there are some models that are slightly smaller, being 20 feet long.

Owning a Rock-Ola –

If you want to get his masterpiece to be a part of your home, the best way to do it by getting in touch with the company directly. Since this is a vintage shuffleboard table, you must keep in mind that the company no longer makes these tables, but only restores and refurbishes them.

They re rubber the rails, make sure the playing surface is smooth and refinish the wood so that it looks as good as new. Sanding of the playfield is common, to give it the flawless friction-free surface again.

New metal strips are installed and the legs are fixed right back up. All these processes are only to enhance the beauty of this classic vintage shuffleboard table and not taint or destroy any part of its beautiful history.

  1. Atomic 9’ Platinum Classic Shuffleboard Table Review –

While owning a Rock-Ola can be quite expensive, there are many more affordable options available, like the Atomic  9 feet Platinum Classic Shuffleboard Table.

This table being just 9 feet long, can fit into any space in a modern home. With a sick and smooth playing surface, the table is an absolute treat to play on. With pedestal style legs, the table is stable and reliable.

Some of its key features include –

  • Small size suitable for any space

Being just 9 feet long, it is less than half the length of a standard shuffleboard table.

  • Superior playing surface

With a poly-coated playing surface, the tabletop lets the pucks glide over it effortlessly.

  • Pedestal style legs with leg levelers

The leg construction is known for its stability, and the leg levelers help the players deal with an uneven surface.

  • Abacus scorers present

The manual abacus scorers make scorekeeping a breeze.

  • Comes with all the necessary accessories

The table includes  4 red pucks, 4 blue pucks and one can of shuffleboard table wax.

Table dimensions – 108.25″ L x 24.25″ W x 31″ H

Table weight – 162. pounds

Table cost – $410.99

A great table for some quality fun time with friends and family!

  1. Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard Table

Available in two shades – dark cherry and walnut, the  Challenger is a professional grade table with great features. Made of a hardwood butcher block and coated in polyurethane, the playfield is stunning, with minimum friction. The table also offers storage space. With a 180 day warranty, this table is reliable and does not disappoint at all.

Its key features include –

  • Strong and durable

With a hardwood surface and engineered wood sides, what more can one ask for?

  • High-grade tabletop

Made out of hardwood butcher block and coated with polyurethane, the playfield is silky smooth.

  • Built-in storage space

The pedestal style legs offer a storage space, where all the accessories can be stored in one place.

  • Sturdy legs with leg levelers

The legs are strong enough to take the weight of the entire table and each of the legs of the table has 6-inch antique bronze leg levelers to deal with any sort of inconvenience.

  • Includes all the necessary accessories

This amazing shuffleboard table comes along with all the necessary accessories, from wax to a table brush and an assortment of fine pucks complete with a wooden storage case

Table Dimensions: 108-in L x 24.25-in W x 30.5-in H

Table Playing Surface: 98-in L x 15-in W x 1.5-in H

The weight of Table: 262 pounds

Cost – $712.05 – $2,106.44

A great table at a reasonable price, the Challenger shuffleboard table sure does deliver, and how!

Owning a vintage shuffleboard table is a matter of pride. It is an item that can be passed down in the family and also tends to gather a lot of worth. Buying and owning a vintage shuffleboard table should be on every shuffleboard enthusiast’s bucket list.

Playing on a table like this is not only a lot of fun, but it is also like taking a long stroll back into the future, an experience that does not compare with anything else. Nothing can match up to playing on a great shuffleboard table, especially a vintage one.

When you own an antique piece of art, it is like you are going back in time, which is not something people get to do at all. So it is almost a privilege to be able to own a piece of history and see the past through it. The tables are classy, have an air of royalty to it and are priceless possessions, to say the least.

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