The Fastest Tennis Forehands In History

The game of tennis is quick, strategic and packs in a lot of power. The players need to think and be incredibly quick on their feet. The forehand may seem like a common little stroke, but trust me, it really is a powerful weapon to throw your opponent off guard and gain that extra edge you might need to win the match altogether.

To date, there have been some players who have made incredible records of the fastest tennis forehands, and today I am about to reveal some of the best!

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Some of the players who have the record for the fastest tennis forehands are

  1. Roger Federer

He is considered the best in the world for a reason. While professional tennis players may hit fancy shots, Federer keeps it simple and nails it every single time! Straight and clean forehands, he is an absolute pleasure to watch. His strategy of staying behind the baseline but also hitting the ball so close to the net on the opponent’s court is phenomenal and always keeps others guessing.

No matter he is inside the court or outside, he still manages to hit winning shots time after time. Even after taking all these insane risks, he never fails. He arguably has some of the fastest tennis forehands in history.

  1. Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf is a household name when it comes to tennis, and it definitely is justifiable. Steffi not only was extremely good at the game but was also always consistent, which made her an absolute legend.

She had an extraordinary grip on her racquet, which enabled her to hit some of the fastest tennis forehands ever.

  1. Serena Williams

Which an unbeatable concentration and will to outperform all the time. Her forehand shots have an unmatchable spin which leaves the viewers as well as her competitors spellbound. Watching Serena play is like witnessing poetry in motion, smooth and breathtaking.

  1. Rafael Nadal

This Spanish tennis star has claimed the forehand as his winning stroke because these are truly incomparable and have the capacity to turn the game around a hundred and eighty degrees straight. Harnessing all this forehand power, Nadal truly is unbeatable and a force to be reckoned with. The precision of his forehands is so good, it seems almost unreal. What sets his shots apart is the slight tilt he gives his racquet, and it’s honestly a little shocking how he hasn’t missed a single shot while he is holding his racquet in that fashion. With amazing ball control, Nadal is a beast on the court, to say the least.

  1. Monica Seles

With both an incredible forehand and backhand, people have a hard time making up their minds regarding what they prefer more, but the forehand wins just by a small margin. Her exploration of angles is unreal and like no one others. Unlike most of her peers, Seles’s forehand was not one dimensional.

  1. Ivan Lendl

This tennis prodigy from the Czech Republic comes across as an underdog, but his skills cannot be ignored. What Ivan is best known for is his unusual forehand, which the world now refers to as the inside-out forehand shot. While everyone played the same old fashioned way, Ivan stepped into the picture and shook things up, giving everyone a dose of something unseen and refreshing.

This shot won his 8 major titles and a lifelong legacy. He has the best accuracy in the industry, in my honest opinion.

These 6 players made history with their fastest tennis forehands ever played.

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