The Best Ping Pong Player In The World

Ping pong is a game which is played by people all around the world, young or old. This game is perfect to play at home, at sports clubs or even at educational institutions. Since this game is simple to play and is light on the rules, it is loved by all.

But there are some players who have dedicated their lives to this sport, learning all about the little intricacies and mastered the art of playing perfect ping pong. One of these people is Fan Zhendong, the best ping pong player in the world.

Fan Zhendong is from China. China has had a reputation for producing some of the best ping pong players of all time. Zhendong is no exception. The fan is the current holder of the number one position in the world, according to the ITTF. Born in 1997, Fan became the youngest member of the Chinese National Team in 2012. Later in his career, he also became the youngest ITTF World Tour Champion. Fan’s career has been nothing short of a steep climbing ladder.

The start of a fabulous career-

Like most Chinese ping pong stars, Fan started his career very early on and was guided well by his father. Soon, he started showing his skills off at kids’ tournaments, where it became quite evident that he had a knack for this sport.

After training intensely, Fan started competing nationally, and soon enough, he built a great reputation for himself in China. Soon enough, Fan took the step of competing internationally and has never looked back till now.

Fan and his plan of world domination –

Fan became the number one ping-pong player in the world after he was stagnant in the second position for almost 29 months consecutively.

This streak was broken and he became the best ping pong player in the world. The fan has held onto this title from November 2015 to date.

The unique style of Fan –

Fan’s game revolves around crazy footwork and strong and powerful forehand loops. Mostly right hand dominated, Fan has a firm grip and is very quick on his feet. Speed is his forte.

The kid who started off as a 16-year-old wonder teen has only grown into a more powerful and strategic player with time. With his playing style often being compared to Ma Long, critics love watching him play. The audience is often stunned by his quick-paced performance and craves to see more and more of the amazing ping pong player.

What is Fan’s preferred ping pong equipment?

Being a Stiga sponsored ping pong player, it is no secret that Fan loves all things Stiga. He has been known to love the Stiga Infinity VPS V blade ping pong paddle with black DHS Hurricane 3 neo National Blue Sponge for his forehand shots, and the red Tenergy 05 ping pong paddle for his backhand shots.

Some of Fan’s notable victories are –

The World Tour ping pong championships (Qatar, China, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Japan and more)

The Asian ping pong championships (South Korea, China, Japan, India Thailand)

When you read about stories of sportsmen and the sacrifices they had to make to get to the top, you get to learn that there is so much more to a simple sport. Just like Fan,

if you start young and stay consistent with your practice and determination to stay on the top, you too can become the best ping pong player in the world!

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