The 4 Best Online Hockey Games

With video games become more and more popular among children and adults, I can say this without any doubt that this form of playing games is going to stick around for a long time to come. When people love sports but do not want to go out to an actual field to play, they can live out their fantasy right in the comfort of their home. Honestly, who would not find this proposition super inviting? Online hockey games have been popular for long, but with so many games available, sometimes the best get lost in the rubble. So here, I present to you, the best Online hockey games for you to satiate your hunger for the sport.

NHL 07

This game will completely change your perspective on how hockey games can be played online. Hockey games have been on the market for a very long time, and as history knows it, things always get better as time passes. The NHL 07 is very promising and a lot of fun to play, to say the least. The new skill stick of this game makes it even more realistic and exciting. You can accelerate to the goal and outdo the goalie, giving you the thrill of actually scoring the goal. The graphics of the game are very pleasing, with amazing replays and cut scenes. The features of the hockey players are very realistic as well, making it one of the best hockey games ever.


If you love playing hockey games, chances are that you have already heard of this one. Old school, but in no sense not fun to play, this game combines all the classic and tiny details we love about hockey in one little digital masterpiece. With this game, you can virtually travel to different countries with your team and play tournaments everywhere you go. Created in the early 2000s, the game has an impeccable graphics and sound design. The players look good, and the sound effects amp you up and add to the excitement. A basic game that is easy to play and is loads of fun, this game should be on the list of every hockey enthusiast.

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NHL 17

Following the legacy of NHL and great gaming, the NHL 17 tries out new moves to surprise its players. In standard NHL fashion, this game tries to be better than the NHL 16. With high tenacity computer opposition, this game sure as hell is challenging and makes you want to unleash the monster inside yourself. The different modes of playing have been improved and there are more skills than ever before. As soon as your virtual avatar hits the ice, you will become more aware of the crisp and clean gameplay. Definitely a game for players who are comfortable with gaming, the NHL 17 sets out to challenge and bring out the best (or worst) in you.

NHL 18

This version of the classic NHL not only brings out new players but rejoices the golden ones. You can play this game on a large screen if adrenaline is what you seek. The action when your virtual self hits the ice is absolutely flawless. You can almost feel each and every move you see on the screen, that’s how personalized the gaming experience feels. The game gives you more control over the puck, and the smooth action makes it easy to escape other players as well. All this attention given to detail is what makes this game one of the best hockey games out there. Playing the single-mode too is so much fun, that you can pass hours and hours by yourself!

With technology growing all the time, keeping track of the best hockey games can get a little exasperating. But you can always count on these 4 games for an awesome gaming experience.

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