Tap Titans 2 Tournament Guide – A Guide To Winning!

If you are reading this article, chances are that you’re already aware of the Tap Titans game, and couldn’t stop yourself from playing its new saga, Tap Titans 2.

As addictive as the game might be, players are aware of the fact that getting through the tournaments can be quite a task. This is why I bring to you the Tap Titans 2 Tournament Guide, which will give you some extra tips and tricks to get through the tournaments and emerge as the winner!

Let ’s do a quick recap –

You are the Sword Master, the hero of the game. The objective is to keep increasing the skills of the sword master and in addition to that, gain enough coins so that you can buy more heroes with time. These heroes help you fight and upgrade your skills.

The Sword Master can unlock different skills after they reach a certain level. The skills which are unlocked help you perform better in the game. Some of the skills of the Sword Master are –

  • The Heavenly Strike

This skill can only be unlocked after you cross the level 100 and it comes handy to mend a large load of damage.

  • The Critical Strike

This skill can only be unlocked after you have crossed level 200 and is used to increase your critical strike chance.

  • The Hand of Midas

This skill is available only after crossing level 300 and gives you a shower of gold for 30 seconds.

  • The Flame Sword

This skill can be unlocked only after crossing level 400 and multiplies the tap damage by a huge number.

  • The Warcry

This skill can be unlocked only after crossing level 500 and increases the speed of attack of your heroes by a large number for a time limit of 30 seconds,

  • The Shadow Clone

This skill can be unlocked only after crossing level 600 and helps with your damage level.

Now that we have done a quick overview of the available skills, let’s jump into The tournament brackets and eventually into the Tap Titans 2 Tournament Guide.

Tournament brackets –

The tournaments are split into certain brackets with particular rewards when you win the tournament. The kind of rewards one may receive after winning a tournament range from weapon upgrades, fortune weapon upgrades, pets and equipment, skill points and some great perks.

The Tap Titans 2 tournaments occur twice a week, on every Wednesday and Saturday. When you join a tournament, you are put in a tournament bracket, each bracket having a total of 200 players.

This placement into brackets depends on the maximum stage where you have reached. As long as you stay in this stage, you get to battle with people on the same level as yours.

The best way to ensure your chances of winning a tournament is participating in each and every tournament that you possibly can.

The goal when you are competing in a tournament should be to reach a stage which is as high as possible.


It is the best option to hold off till the 600th level until you prestige so that you can collect as many relics possible, and in turn, letting you collect as many upgrades and artifacts.


Use relics to buy artifacts


Tap on each and every fairy bonus

By keeping this few tips of the Tap Titans 2 Tournament Guide in mind, you sure will reach gaming success!

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