Pool Tables With Dining Tops

If you are looking forward to buying a pool table for your home, we have just the perfect picks for you! Pool table, however fun they might be, sure are in investing when it comes to space and money.

So the best way to minimize costs and save space is to invest in a table which is a great pool table but can also be used for other purposes when you aren’t playing pool anymore. And the best kind of table for these purposes is pool tables with dining tops.

Not only are these kinds of tables functionally superior, but they also look great!

My first pick for pool tables with dining tops is the Hathaway Park Avenue 7 feet long pool table with a dining top and ping pong table conversion.

Since this table is smaller than regular tables, it was the first choice for me since my home is not well equipped to house a full-size pool table.

What’s crazier is that this 7 foot long beauty can even be turned into a ping pong table, and a dining table, in just a matter of minutes With the classic all-black laminate look, this pool table also comes along with two upholstered benches which serve as a great seating arrangement for when the table has been converted to a dining table. This table comes along with all the necessary accessories required for the pool as well as ping pong.

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Being slightly smaller than the regular pool table, this table serves as the perfect one for children, but do keep in mind that along with pleasing all the kids around, the Hathaway Park Avenue 7’ Pool Table has been incredibly successful in pleasing all the adults as well.

Its key features include –

  • Easy to assemble

The table, although quite heavy, can be assembled easily when the instructions are followed carefully.

  • Multipurpose

The table can switch between a pool table, a ping pong table and a dining table in just a few minutes and each of the tables serve their function very well.

  • Strong and sturdy design

Made up of a high-grade wood and covered by black laminate, this material makes the table durable. The table also has half an inch thick round sights and “true roll” bumpers which are tournament tested.

  • The table has a classic sophisticated look

The sleek and sophisticated all-black look makes the table a must have in your home

  • The table offers integrated storage design

The two upholstered benches which come along with the table have internal storage with hydraulic lifters for easy accessibility.

  • Inbuilt leg levelers

Each of the legs of the table has leg levelers which let the players adjust the height of the table, as well as take care of the uneven flooring.

  • Superior table top

The table top has round sights, true roll bumpers and has a nylon wool blended cloth, along with chrome-plated corner caps to protect it against hard shots.

  • All the necessary accessories are included

The table comes along with two 57” pool cues, 2.25” pool balls, a rack, cue chalk, a net, posts, two ping pong paddles and two ping pong balls.

My second pick for pool tables with dining tops would be the Fairview Game Rooms Combination 3 in 1 game table.

At first look, you will notice its unconventional shape, and sophisticated design, which is enough to make you fall in love with the table already.

But dig deeper and you will realize that not only is this a great looking table, but it is also multipurpose and can be used as a bumper pool table, a poker table and a dining table as well! Made out of the finest quality wood with a shiny veneer, this table is durable with a playfield made up of composite fibreboard.

And when the table is not being used to play poker or pool, use the reversible feature and convert it into a dining table so that you and your family can enjoy an amazing meal together.

Its key features include –

  • Sophisticated look

Made out of the best quality wood with a shiny protective veneer on top, this table is scratch resistant and very durable

  • Carved legs with leg levelers

The legs have an antique feel to it. What makes it even better is that these legs have individual leg levelers so that you can play on any surface, however uneven it may be.

  • Multipurpose

Use it for the pool, poker or simply as a dining table! Space saving and cost effective, being multipurpose has many advantages.

  • Includes all the necessary accessories

The table comes with cue sticks, balls, chalk, cards, and chips – all that you might need for a great game of bumper pool and poker!

Being multipurpose is a quality which is appreciated by all. Every home needs a dining table, and if this comes along with a high-quality game table, then what more does one want? Pool tables with dining tops are revolutionary and everyone who cares about saving space and being cost effective should get one in their home.

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