Ping Pong Robots – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Ping pong robots are a relatively new invention, but such a great one, I’m sure everyone can agree with that. These machines are perfect if you like to spend some time by yourself, hitting practice shots and improving your game, all in the privacy of your home.
Use it alone or with a friend, having a ping pong robot home is a lot of fun, and is also a practical option as well! If you are considering buying a ping pong table, then you have come to just the place! Here we provide you with a wide choice of ping pong robots along with a guide so that you can get to know them better and make an informed decision.

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Given below is a list of the choicest ping pong robots we have picked out for you, which are perfect for amateurs and professionals alike –


  1. iPong Original Table Tennis Robot

This basic ping pong robot is simple and to the point. If you are looking for a robot to simply shoot ping pong balls with basic spins. This robot is super easy to assemble and has basic functions that can be mastered easily. With the remote control, it now easier than ever to adjust the settings without moving from your spot at the table. With just 3 parts,  the robot can be fixed up in a jiffy and does not even require any tools. A great way to practice your shots, this robot makes sure you get your daily dose of practice.


  1. Smartpong Table Tennis Robot

Sure, this robot might be slightly heavy on the pocket, but the features it offers make it so worth it! This ping pong robot was made for the person who takes his ping-pong game seriously.

The different modes and spins this robot offers are incredible, and the price doesn’t seem so steep after a while when you start to realize that you end up getting more than you expected.

This ping pong robot also has an infrared remote control which makes it easy to manage all the different modes it offers.

If you are looking forward to seriously fixing your ping pong skills and want to prepare for an important match, this is the buy which would make the most sense for you.

  1. Newgy Robo-Pong 1050

The feature I loved the best about this ping pong robot is that it gives the user the option of controlling the robot through your personal computer.

The double recycling net system is installed to control the rebound of balls, and fill them up back again in the robot, so that as many balls can be shot by the player.

This robot saves the time needed to collect and reload the ball back again in the robot. The Robo-pong 2050 can be connected to all types of computers.

Added to all this, the robot also has an oscillation feature, giving the player an added challenge.


  1. Power Pong 3000 Professional

Another professional ping pong robot that is made for the player who looks forward to shooting as many balls possible. This robot has 3 wheels which help you switch between different speeds and spins. The 8 buttons are used to control all functions of the robot. With an ability to hold 33 balls, it makes for the player to have unstoppable ping pong fun.

  1. Killerspin Throw 2

Killerspin has a reputation for creating some of the best ping pong products, including ping pong robots. Offering different modes and speeds, the robot is light and easy to operate as well.

The wireless remote lets you control the modes of the robot right from your position at the table. Offering the best features at a great price, this ping pong robot is definitely one you must consider.

If you are looking for a tireless practice buddy who can throw balls at you constantly and push you to do better, then this ping pong robot guide will definitely help you choose one which will suit you best.

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