Ping Pong Paddle Dimensions And Other Interesting Facts

If you pride yourself on being the ultimate ping pong trivia fan, you must be knowing the basics like ping pong paddle dimensions and what materials are to be used for a good quality ping pong paddle.

If you don’t, it’s never too late to learn something new! Read this article from beginning to end and get to know some important facts which are necessary to know if you want to be a certified ping pong champion.

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What is A Ping Pong Paddle?

A ping pong paddle is something a player uses to hit the ping pong ball with when it is tossed in their direction. It is essentially a wooden bat that has a rubber padding on one or both sides of the paddle.

The wooden part of the ping pong paddle is often referred to as the blade of the paddle. This blade can be made out of one single piece of hardwood, or up to seven layers of laminated wood, cork, glass fiber, carbon fiber, aluminum fiber, and even Kevlar.

Although traditionally only wood was used, now are times have progressed, more materials seem to be serving the purpose well.

According to standard and official rules set by the International Table Tennis Federation, the blade of the paddle should be at least 85% wood.

The most used kinds of wood used for this purpose is Simba, Limbo, Koto, and Cypress.

Ping Pong Paddle Dimensions

The size of the blade of the ping pong paddle should generally be 16cm long and 15cm wide. The blade should be very fat and strong.  Different types of surfaces provide the various amount of spin or speed, and in some cases, they neutralize spin.

A player may have a rubber that provides much spin on one side of his racket, and one that provides no spin on the other side.

The reason why the side with a rubber padding provides a spin to the ball is that the ball does not immediately bounce off such a surface, but first it digs into the surface before it actually bounces.

This process of the ball digging in makes the ball have a spin because of its high kinetic energy. Surfaces that give a low spin and fastballs are made up of hard rubber which some pips or raised rubber dots.

This surface returns the ball back straight.

Are customizations possible?

Yes! Ping pong paddles are highly customizable. Choosing the padding on the blade of the paddle is one big tip professional players give a lot of attention, as it helps make their game stronger and gives them better control over what kind of shots they want to hit.

The customizations they choose helps them develop a smart playing tactically, and in turn, make for very interesting ping pong games.

How can you glue the padding to the blade?

Gluing the different styles of padding on the blade of the paddle is very easy and can be done with the help of glue sheets or water-based glues.

Based on how often you use your paddles, the paddings need to be reglued over a certain period of time, which varies from paddle to paddle.

In conclusion, facts like ping pong paddle dimensions and types of paddings are very important for an aspiring ping pong player.

With this knowledge, you tend to have an edge over your opponent.

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