Our Top Ten Picks For The Best Foosball Table – BUYERS’ GUIDE


If you love soccer and love game tables, chances are very high that you are a fan of foosball. Actually, in all honesty, I am yet to meet someone who does not enjoy foosball. The fact of the matter is that unlike many table games, you don’t have to be a good foosball player to fully enjoy the essence of the game. The game of foosball is more of a bonding experience, where players get together and play in teams and gain a sense of camaraderie, which is a great feeling in itself. Add to that, the special aspect of a fun game, and you have the perfect formula for a good time!

The first time I saw a foosball tables was in a sports bar during the soccer world cup, and during halftime, a bunch of soccer fans would flock to the foosball table and play quick games which were always filled with enthusiasm and adrenaline. Since that time, I eventually developed an interest in the game too and realized that having a foosball table to my home would be the perfect bonding and entertainment experience whenever my friends and family would come over to visit. But before that, I had to answer the big question – which table would be the perfect fit for me?

Before we go into the details of what you must look for in a foosball table for your home/office/recreational space, let’s briefly look into the history of the game –


Football is the name given to this table game in the United States of America, but it has different names all over the world. For example, in the United Kingdom, it is, and aptly so, called “table football”. In France, it is called “baby foot) and in eastern Europe, it is often referred to as “kicker”. All these names indicate the idea that this is a very popular game all over the world.

No one is one hundred percent sure about who invented this game, but early records show that this game started its famous journey as a very popular parlor game in parts of Europe, and further made its way into The States. Alexandre de Fiesterra said that he came up with the idea for this game when he was at the hospital recovering from injuries subjected to him during the Spanish Civil War. While this account cannot be relied upon completely, we know that Harold Searles Thornton, an Englishman was among the first who created the patent for the first foosball table in 1923. With its history dating so far back, the game sure has come a long long way.

So now that we know about the early origins of this game, let’s go into the details of the table and how you can zero down on your perfect fit!


While buying a foosball table, be sure to keep these few pointers in mind so that you are sure of your purchases and will skip over the phase of repenting after a failed purchase.

  • Size of the table
  • The built of the table
  • The playing surface of the table
  • The playing rods of the table
  • The legs and leg levelers of the table
  • The soccer men of the table

Let me explain these features further for a thorough understanding of your future foosball table –

  • Size of the table

If you crave the size on a full-size foosball table, then you are looking for one which should be 56 inches long and 30 inches wide. The width of the table does not include the length of the playing rods, but just the table itself. But if your living space does not fit these dimensions, then there is no harm in going for a slightly smaller table. But before you make your purchase, take careful note of the dimensions so that you aren’t faced with disappointed once your foosball table arrives at your doorstep. For your convenience, we have included the dimensions of each of our picks in the table specifications.

  • The built of the table

One does not simply buy a foosball table so that it can last only for a year or two. A foosball table should ideally last for a couple of years, and this largely depends upon what kind of materials are used to build the table. The material of choice should ideally be solid wood, like oak or chestnut, which is tough and sturdy and tends to last longer than the other materials like particleboard. Most of the stronger tables have steel or iron rods inside the framework to make it even more durable.

  • The playing surface of the table

For the playing surface, MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is most preferable, since this material is long-lasting and provides a great low friction surface. Some playing surfaces are reinforced with PVC and a smooth finish layer for added quality enhancement.

  • The playing rods of the table

The 8 rods of the foosball table is the instruments players use to score goals. Hence, it goes without saying that these rods need to be of top quality. Steel, chrome or chrome-plated steel rods are most preferable are they have rustproof properties. The ends of the rods should have rubber or wood grips that let players hold onto them without any slippage.

  • The legs and leg levelers of the table

The legs of the table need to be strong because they are responsible for holding the entire table up and together. Each of the legs should have levelers so that the players can manipulate even a highly uneven surface.

Here are our top 10 picks for foosball tables, based on the features listed above –

  •  Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table

This 56 Inch beauty is the perfect foosball table for the entire family, from the smallest child to the eldest adult!

Football is a favorite table sport for a long time, and this is no secret. The first thing that I noticed about this table is the sophisticated look of this table and the strong build of it. Made out of solid wood with chrome-plated ball returns, this table is crafted to perfection so that your foosball-hungry soul is never left starving. The table features sturdy wood construction with an espresso color finish. The playing surface of the table is made to look like an actual football field, adding the extra pizzazz to this Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table. With steel rods and great grip, this table is meant to last for a long time to come.

Key features –

  • Sturdy and stable

With a weight of 130 pounds, the table is extremely sturdy and will not tip over even after being subjected to rough and tough play.

  • Strong built

Made up of high-grade wood with a smooth and shiny finish, and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), this table is made for the purpose of lasting longer than its competitors

  • Comes with cup holders

The table comes complete with 2 stainless steel cup holders on either end so that you can rest your beer or any other beverage of choice without spilling it all over the table (we have all been there, there’s no shame in admitting it!)

  • Has leg levelers

This feature is very important in-game tables as this helps you secure the table in place in case of a rickety surface. The table has 5-inch chrome finished leg levelers with rubber pads that protect your flooring.

  • Realistic football field design

The look of the playing surface of the table will give you an added kick!

  • Analog scoring mechanism

With this abacus style scorer, keeping track of your scores is now easier than ever.

  • Comes along with all the necessary accessories

The table comes with 2 free soccer balls so that you can start from the get-go.

Table Specifications –

  • Playing surface: 46.5-in L x 26.5-in W x 4.25-in Deep
  • Table dimensions: 56.5-in L x 29-in W x 34-in H
  • The material of board: medium density fiberboard
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • The thickness of the board: ½ inch
  • The material of rods – steel
  • Cost: $399.99
  • The table has a strong built
  • The table can be used by adults as well as children alike
  • The table has an integrated cup holder design
  • The table also has leg levelers
  • The table is made up of good quality wood, MDF and steel rods
  • Has an analog scorer
  • The table comes along with a warranty of 180 days
  • The table comes along with all the necessary accessories
  • The soccer players are made out of plastic, but still would have been more preferable.


With a sophisticated built and great features, this table is a must-have if you love soccer and also love the indoors!

  • Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table

If you have always wanted a foosball table in your home but were afraid that it wouldn’t fit in, fear not! The Best Choice 48” Foosball table comes right to your rescue!

When I first tried playing on this table, I realized that it was slightly smaller than the average foosball table, but still was able to comfortably accommodate 4 players, or even more. The table has the classic foosball table look – a light brown wooden body, with a green playing surface and 11 red and 11 white soccer players. Even though this table might look like just another regular table, the features it offers set it apart from the plethora of foosball tables available in the market.

Key features –

  • Strong frame and legs

The body and legs of the table are made up of wood, but their strength is reinforced by inserting steel rods inside the entire framework of the table.

  • A great playing surface

Made up of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), and a smooth finish, this gives the table the minimum friction it requires for the ball to glide over smoothly.

  • The table also features cup holders

With 2 cup holders on each side of the table, you can now keep your drink right at the table. No more moving around and hunting for your drink!

  • Easy to assemble

The table comes with easy-to-follow instructions, with the help of which you would be able to set it up in a matter of minutes.

  • 8 steel rods with easy grip

The rods are made up of solid steel and have a comfortable grip so that the players can give it their best shot.

  • Comes along with all the necessary accessories

The table comes with 2 free soccer balls.

Table specifications –

  • Overall Dimensions: 48”(L) x 24”(W) x 33”(H)
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Color: Natural, Green
  • Material: Medium-Density Fiberboard, Steel
  • Cost: $79.93
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong framework which is reinforced with steel rods
  • MDF playing surface
  • The table comes along with 4 cup holders, two on each side
  • Cheap
  • The table includes 2 soccer balls as well
  • Since the table only weighs 42 pounds, it has been found that the table is not sturdy as one would have hoped for it to be.


If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable foosball table, the Best Choice 48 Inch Foosball Table is your companion!

  • Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table with 1-man Goalie

If you crave for a professional dose of foosball, the Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table is just the one for you.

If you are a foosball fanatic like me, you would be more than aware that the brand Tornado is the official sponsor of the world foosball tournaments. Hence, you can imagine that is the table is no short of that level of perfection. When I first played on this table, it was almost impossible for my friends and me to stop. With a built especially made for competitive rough and tough play, this table comes with chrome-plated hollow steel rods with a special non-slip grip for an extra fun playtime. With new and improved soccer men, it gives the players more of an edge to control the ball and play to their heart’s desire.

Key Features  –

  • Extremely aesthetically pleasing

The stainless steel body and design makes the table look extremely sleek and stylish

  • Durable

All the parts of this table are made with top-notch quality materials

  • Amazing playing surface

The thickness of the playfield plays a role in how durable it will be. A thin one is more likely to warp the long-term. Anything less than 1/2″ is thin by my standards. The T-3000 has a 3/4″ thick playfield.

  • Thin-wall split Competition bearings

This feature gives you better control over the game and your moves

  • Strong and sturdy

At a hefty 355 pounds, it is safe  to say that the table stays in place and can handle all kinds of rough play

  • New and improved soccer men

The new men with sharper and wider edges let the player tackle the ball more effectively

  • Comes with a scorekeeper

The abacus style scorer helps the teams keep track of their goals

  • Stainless steel laminate cabinet

The table has a split-cabinet design so that the top can come off if necessary for full access to the playing surface

Table specifications –

  • Table dimensions – 30 x 36 x 355 inches
  • Table weight – 355 pounds
  • Cost – $2,199
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Stainless steel laminate cabinet
  • The new soccer men make it easy for the players to control the ball
  • A great playing surface
  • A professional table for your professional needs
  • Has an abacus scorer
  • It can be a big investment for people who enjoy playing foosball just recreationally.

If you decide to buy this table, know that you’ll be shedding a big amount, but also know that for the amount you spent, you will get what you deserve.

  • Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table, despite being a killer table to play on, also pays incredible attention to the safety aspects of the game as well, making it suitable for young kids too.

Let me put it in the most straightforward ways possible – This table is one of the few tables in its price range that adheres to several official guidelines. This is always a good measure to judge the credibility of foosball tables. Given the price and the features, it is one of the most value for money tables out there. One fact which I recently learned is that Warrior only creates one type of Foosball table. This fact helps us to understand that all of their energy is dedicated to creating one kickass table which has the ability to knock everyone’s socks off.

Key features –

  • Durable

Made up of high-quality materials such as chromium and solid steel, this table was built to last. The rods of the table is made up of solid steel of 14 mm diameter. The playfield is made up of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and the body of the table has a PVC lamination.

  • Professionally approved

This table has been approved by USTSF and ITSF.

  • Counterbalanced men

The men are counterbalanced, making it easier to play. They also have strong and rigid feet which makes for better grip of the grip for the players while they are handling the ball. The fluidity of the movements makes the game all the more fun and exciting.

  • Great grip

The steel rods have a special grip which makes it easy to hold on to.

  • The table is designed in a way to provide the player with maximum control

The playfield, soccer men and the grips on rods add up to this feature.

  • Sturdy legs which levelers

The strong legs have the additional feature of leg levelers which help you play even on an uneven surface

  • Super easy to set up

The table is extremely easy to set up and only requires about 20-25 minutes to complete.

  • Has safety features

With a feature of rod guards, this makes the table safe for even young kids. These rod guards have the ability to keep severe injuries at bay.

Table Specifications –

  • Table Dimensions: 54 5/8″L x 31 ½”W x 36 ½”H (w/levelers)
  • Shipping Weight: 202 pounds
  • Cost : $599
  • The table is approved by international and professional standards
  • It is easy to set up
  • The table is strong and durable
  • Comes along with rod guards
  • The table has strong legs
  • The legs of the table have levelers
  • The soccer men are rigid for better control
  • The rods of the table have great grip
  • Comes along with soccer balls

None that I can think of honestly!

Being quite the tough critic myself, I  find it incredibly hard to believe that this table has no flaws, and it extremely cost effective! A dream team, I must say.

  • KICK Foosball Table Legend, 55 Inch

KICK 55-inch foosball table is one of the best selling tablets in the market to date, and here’s why.

When I first saw this table, I was completely enamored by this dual-toned wood appearance, which makes it look extremely beautiful, by adding a touch of class to it. The dark ebony legs are slightly arched to provide the table with more stability than regular. The design not only looks great but is also very practical in nature. Made up of hardwood and Medium Density Fibreboard, this makes this table ideal for heavy-duty use, without a single worry. This table can be the perfect addition to your home, the recreational room is even your office! The 55-inch foosball table is KICK’s largest available table and it definitely lives up to all the hype.


Key Features –

  • Half inch thick playing surface

Made up of MDF, the playing surface is half an inch thick, which makes it ideal for smooth and easy gliding of the soccer ball on the surface.

  • Sturdy legs with leg levelers

Each of the ebony legs of the table comes with 5-inch levelers which make it easy for the players to play even if the surface where the table is mounted os uneven.

  • Easy and convenient ball return system

Each end of the table have a ball return slot, where the players can retrieve the ball from after a team has scored a goal

  • The scorer on each end of the table

This feature makes it easy to keep track of how many goals a team has scored.

  • Durable rods

The table comes with eight ⅝ th inch semi-solid stainless steel and chromium-plated rods which are strong and durable, especially for rough and tough play

  • Comes along with soccer balls

The table comes along with 4 KICK balls

  • Great grip on the rods

The rubber grip at the end of the rods helps the players to hold on to the rods tightly and make more precise shots

  • Premium counterbalanced soccer men

With 13 red and 13 blue counterbalanced men, the game is now more fun than ever!

  • Lifetime warranty

You have a lifetime warranty, which means you can get in touch with the manufacturer at any time if you are not satisfied with the product.

Table specifications –

  • Table dimensions – 55″ L X 30″ W X 34″ H
  • Weight – 148 pounds
  • Materials used – hardwood and MDF
  • A thickness of playing field – half inch
  • Cost – $619.85
  • The table has half an inch thick playing surface
  • The legs of the table are strong and come with leg levelers
  • Sliding scorers available
  • Convenient ball return system available
  • One or three goalies available, depending on the players’ preference
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free KICK balls
  • The table can be slightly tricky to put together initially.

This table is best suitable for players who love to play foosball recreationally. Why I would recommend this table is because you get high-end features at a very pocket-friendly price, which is what I call a quality purchase.

  •  MD Sports Barrington 58″ Wooden Home Game Room Foosball Table

With this classic ebony beauty, take your game room from good to great by just adding the MD Sports Barrington 58 Inch Wooden Foosball table to your collection of memorabilia!

This table has perfected the simplistic and sophisticated look to the tee. With a classic dark ebony wooden body and a superior playing field made up of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), this table provides the perfect scope for a great game of foosball, with a smooth playing surface and great quality soccer men. The rods of the table is made up of chrome, making them long-lasting, and each of the rods has a wooden grip for great gameplay. With the soccer men being hand painted, they seem to appear very realistic, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the foosball table. I fell in love with this table because it encompasses the feature of being pocket-friendly.

Key features –

  • Beautiful and sleek appearance

With a solid wood body, this sleekly designed tabled will make any room look ten times more appealing than usual.

  • MDF playing field

The green surface of the playing field is made up of Medium Density Fibreboard which has a smooth finish on top so that the friction can be reduced as much as possible so that the ball can glide over seamlessly.

  • 8 high-grade chrome rods

The 8 rods which players use to score goals are heavy-duty, being made up of high-grade chrome for higher longevity.

  • New and improved soccer men

The soccer men of this table have realistic features since they are hand-painted with great attention to detail.

  • Manual scorer provided

The manual scorer feature lets the two teams keep track of their goals and concentrate fully on the game.

  • Leg levelers included

Each of the legs of the table comes with leg levelers which make it easy for the players to adjust the table in case they are faced with uneven ground.

  • Balls included

The table has 2 soccer balls included so that once you assemble the table, you are ready to play.

Table specifications –

  • Assemble dimension (LWH,Inches):58” x 30” x 35”
  • Weight (KG):111
  • Material : wood and MDF
  • Cost: $349.99
  • The table has a strong built
  • The table can be used by adults as well as children alike
  • The table also has leg levelers
  • The table is made up of good quality wood, MDF and chrome rods
  • Has a manual scorer
  • The table comes along with all the necessary accessories
  • The table lacks few additional features like cup holders and rod guards.

A table that not only looks great but also feels great, I can’t think of many reasons why people might not fall in love with this table from the get-go. It’s absolutely incredible, trust me.

  • Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Just like the power, the name of this table packs, the Atomic Gladiator 56 Inch Foosball Table is an absolute beast.

Let me get this straight…I know that I have some very nice things to say about all these tables on this list, but that is only fair because we have had to shortlist all these tables from a plethora of tables available all over the world wide web. Battling in red and black are the two teams of soccer men on a great quality playing surface made up of medium density fibreboard (MDF). With only high-quality materials being used in this table, you can be more than safely assured that this table will be with you for a long long time to come. The solid chrome rods are perfect instruments for you to score a goal in style while having the time of your life!

Key Features –

  • Durable quality

This table is heavy which means that it was made for a rough and competitive round of foosball!

  • Great playing field

The playing field is made up of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) of 15 inches by 2 inches dimensions, and a smooth finish to reduce friction.

  • High-quality playing rods

With 5/8th of an inch thick solid steel rods with hexagonal wooden grips, these rods let you make some killer goals!

  • Has integrated cup holders in its design

You no longer have to worry about spilling your drink all over the place since the Atomic Gladiator 56 Inch foosball table comes with 4 cup holders.

  • Manual scorer included

With an abacus style scorer, you can now concentrate wholly on your game without any interruptions.

  • Strong legs with leg levelers

With 3 and a half in leg levelers, you are ready to deal with any sort of uneven grounds.

  • Internal ball return system

This system lets you collect the ball easily once you or the opponent has scored a goal.

  • Comes with free foosball balls

This table comes not with one, not with two, but 4 balls! How awesome is that?

Table specifications –

  • Dimensions: 56″x31″x34″
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Counter-Balanced Men: No
  • Cost – $571.99
  • The table is made up of a great quality
  • The table can be used by adults as well as children alike
  • The table has an integrated cup holder design
  • The table also has leg levelers
  • The table is made up of good quality wood, MDF and steel rods
  • Has an analog scorer
  • The table has a ball return system
  • The table comes with 4 balls
  • The foosball men are not counterbalanced.

If you are looking for features like cup holders and a great ball return system, the Atomic Gladiator 56” is one you must consider buying for sure.

  •    Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table

This USA made table has all the aspects to make it a crowd favorite. Don’t believe me? Read on!

With the classic old-school look of a foosball table, be careful not to confuse the Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball table with any other table on the market. It has features that go way beyond the regular tables you might find elsewhere. The tiny details have been paid a lot of attention to – from the hand-painted soccer men to the super attractive and colorful playing field. The graphics on the table are super fun and exciting. Thay have been screen printed on the table so that they can resist constant wear and tear. This quality is very important in tables that claim to be highly durable.


Key features –

  • Classic but sturdy design

The table has a one inch thick Burr Oak Melamine coating which makes the table resistant to all the elements, making it long-lasting and extremely durable.

  • Great playing surface

The playing surface is 0.375 inches thick with screen printed graphics and is made up of MDF

  • Realistic soccer men

Special attention has been given to the soccer men, who are hand-painted and have colorful uniforms, making the table an absolute pleasure to play on.

  • 3 goalies option

Players can choose between using one of three goalies in their game

  • Corner ramps are present in this table

When players choose to play with the single goalie, the corner ramps come handy.

  • Strong legs with levelers

Each of the legs of the table has levelers that help the player in adjusting the height of the table in case the surface where they are playing is uneven.

  • Strong chrome plated rods

The rods are 0.625 inches thick and have a triple coating of chromium

Table specifications –

  • Length: 55 inches
  • Width: 29 inches
  • Height: 36 inches
  • Weight:156 pounds
  • Cost: $816.04
  • Durable and sturdy
  • The legs of the table have levelers
  • The soccer men are hand painted adding aesthetic beauty
  • Players can choose from 1 goalie setup to 3 goalie setup
  • The rods are plated with chrome
  • Corner ramps are present
  • Great rubber handles of rods for grip
  • Has ball return system on both ends of the table
  • The soccer men could have been slightly larger, for better ball control.

This table undoubtedly costs a hefty amount, but once you play on this table, you will understand why. A high-end table is what a hardcore foosball fan deserves, and this table delivers to all those standards.

  •  Goplus 54″ Foosball Table Soccer Game Table

A competition sized table for plain recreational fun, or a competitive night with your foosball buddies!

The Goplus 54 inch foosball table looks into every detail of the game table very closely. It makes sure that overall, the aesthetics of the table are so strong that even a non-foosball lover gets drawn into playing on the table. In my professional opinion, I believe that for the price one pays, this table delivers to a whole new level, giving the players what they might crave for from a professional table. Made with Medium Density Fibreboard, the table is strong and suitable for a rough play which ensues on the days you want to unwind with some friends and a few cans of beer. The rods of the table are solid steel and rustproof with a super snug grip which molds into the shape of your hand for excellent play.

Key features –

  • Strong and durable structure

Made up of a high-grade MDF and with steel rods integrated into the framework, the table is strong, for sure.

  • Attention to minute details

A lot of detail and effort has gone behind making sure that the playing field is as attractive as possible

  • High-quality rods

The rods are made of rustproof solid steel.

  • Strong legs with oversized leg levelers

The legs of this table are very strong and come along with oversized levelers

  • Ball collecting system

This system makes it easy for the players to retrieve the ball once a goal has been scored.

  • Manual scorers on either end of the table

This feature makes it easy for the players to keep track of how many goals they have scored.

Table specifications –

  • Dimensions:53.5”L x 30.5”W x 35”H
  • Material: MDF frame and steel rods
  • Football field: 49.5”x28”(L X W):
  • Unit Weight:72 pounds
  • Cost : $149.99
  • The table has a strong built
  • The table can be used by adults as well as children alike
  • The table also has leg levelers
  • The table is made up of good quality MDF and steel rods
  • Has a manual scorer
  • The table comes along with all the necessary accessories
  • The table has a great ball return system
  • The table is lightweight, hence not making it as sturdy as one would have liked it to be.

At this price, getting a competition size foosball table is truly a blessing. 100 percent value for money, this one.

  • Electronic Arts EA Sports Foosball Table

A masterpiece from the renowned brand, the EA Sports foosball table packs power and good look in just one table with so much conviction you just won’t believe!

This 56-inch foosball table from Electronic Art is no newbie to the foosball scene. This has been a fan favorite for a reason. With its great sporty look and high-quality construction, this table is perfect for intermediate to advanced players. With each of the corners of the table being protected, it is sure to last for a long time. Even though the table is lighter than its competitors, the way the table is built makes it very stable despite the lack of weight. The attractive table combines shades of black, red and blue, making it very enticing to even a novice. No one can keep their hands off this table, let me tell you!


Key features –

  • Strong and sturdy built

Being made up of Medium Density Fibreboard and PVC, this table is strong and has all the right curves in all the right places, giving it high stability. It also has full panel leg supports, lateral cross braces, and a reinforced playfield top rail that allow for optimal stability and durability.

  • High-quality rods

With 5/8th-inch chrome-plated rods with grips, it is the ideal tool to score goals with.

  • Manual scorer

A classic abacus style scorer to keep track of your goals

  • Strong legs with levelers

The legs have 5-inch levelers to manage an uneven floor effectively

  • Detailed soccer men

The soccer men are hand-painted for increased aesthetic appeal

  • Comes with the necessary accessories

The table comes ready with 2 balls to play with


Table specifications –

  • Dimensions: 56″ L x 28.75″ w x 34.5″ H
  • Product weight 92 lbs.
  • MDF construction with a PVC laminate finish delivers long-lasting durability to handle thousands of matches
  • 5/8 inch chrome-plated metal rods for increased durability
  • Cost – $287.99
  • The table has a strong built
  • Very stable design
  • The table can be used by adults as well as children alike
  • The table also has leg levelers
  • The table is made up of good quality MDF and steel rods
  • Has a manual scorer
  • The table comes along with all the necessary accessories
  • There are no color options available

The quality of an advanced table at the price of an intermediate one! What more can one ask for, really?

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