Kettler Ping Pong Table Parts – A Review

To be a successful ping pong player, what does one need? The right equipment, of course!

Most professional players and die-hard ping pong enthusiasts swear by the Kettler Ping Pong table parts, and this is no surprise because Kettler always prides itself over the high-grade materials and quality building they use for all their products.

From ping pong paddles (also referred to as racquets), ping pong balls and even the net for the table, Kettler is a brand that has the potential of being your go-to brand.

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Below is a comprehensive review of the most popular Kettler ping pong table parts

  1. Kettler Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Nylon Net

A net for your ping pong table is a very necessary accessory. The Kettler Indoor/ Outdoor Table Tennis Nylon Net is the perfect net for your ping pong table.

As the name suggests, this set is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. This is because this nylon net is weather resistant and is made to withstand all kinds of climates.

Another feature that I love is that this table is suitable for all types of Kettler ping pong tables.

Its key features include –

  • High-grade quality

Made out of amazing quality nylon mesh, the net is made to endure all kinds of weather, making it the ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor use.

  • Appropriate measurements which are suitable for all Kettler tables

At 70 inches long, this ping pong net is the ideal one for your table.

  • Easy to install

The net can slide onto your posts very easily, making installation a breeze. The new system is extremely user-friendly.

  • German made

This German-made net stays true to the quality they promise, and also gives the customers a 1-year manufacturer warranty if they are not satisfied.

The net costs $15, which is a great price, in my opinion. While most people who have used this item love what they see, the only drawback of this net is that you have to purchase the posts separately.

The clamps for the net are not included in the package, so you will have to buy that separately as well. While some people find this inconvenient, I was pretty impressed by the net itself, so buying a few additional things was not a deal-breaker for me.

  1. Kettler HALO 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Bundle: 2 Player Set (2 Rackets/Paddles and 3 Balls)

The perfect racquet and ball set for you and your opponent, the Kettler Halo 5.0 table tennis bundle is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Super lightweight, the racquets are made out of a high impact resin, giving it high resistance to wear and tear.

The racquet also features a great grip and a very nice rubber padding for hitting those ace shots. This table tennis bundle comes with 2 racquets and 3 ping pong balls.

The ping pong balls are 3 star rated white balls, measuring a standard of 40mm diameter. Made up of professional-grade quality, these balls have an excellent bounce.

Its key features include –

  • A complete set for 2 players

This table tennis bundle comes with 2 high-quality ping pong racquets and 3 balls, perfect for a game of ping pong.

  • Racquets are made of high-quality materials

The racquets are made up of lightweight and high impact resin, which are very durable and resistant to all kinds of wear and tear. The ergonomic grip of the racquet makes it easy to use and provides a snug grip to the player.

  • Racquets have a great rubber blade

The rubber blade is smooth and gives a trampoline-like effect when the balls bounce off the surface.

  • Comes with 3 ping pong balls

The 3 star rated balls are white on color and are perfect for a great game of ping pong.

Perfect for recreational as well as professional players, this ping-pong bundle is all you need for a great table tennis match. Kettler once again lives up to all the expectations.

  • Kettler Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table Cover

A table tennis cover is very important if you wish to protect your table and make sure its high quality is extended for as long as possible.

The Kettler weatherproof table tennis table cover helps increase the life of your table. This cover being UV resistant protects your table from the harmful UV rays and also protects against sun, hail, rain, and snow.

This table cover has unique features like tough reinforced corners and also features built-in air vents on the top of the cover and easy Velcro side openings. It’s built to last and is covered by a two-year warranty for residential use.

Its key features include –

  • Heavy duty

This table cover is designed to withstand all kinds of climates. Not only does this protect the table, but also helps increase the life of it, so that you can continue playing on it for as long as possible.

  • UV resistant

This table was specially designed to incorporate UV resistance to make it even stronger and more effective.

  • The cover has air vents

The cover has a large 63 by 3-inch vents which lets the table breathe. This way the humid air can escape, preventing mold and mildew, keeping the table dry and clean.

  • The cover has a velcro side opening

This velcro opening makes it easy to handle the cover and open and close it without any difficulty.

The cover has the dimensions of 63 x 33.5 x 62 inches and costs $47.99, which is an affordable price. This table cover is a customer favorite, for obvious reasons.

  1. Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Bundle: 4 Player Set (4 Rackets/Paddles and 8 Balls)

If you love playing ping pong doubles, this table tennis bundle is just the one for you! It includes 4 ping pong racquets and 8 balls, the ideal Kettler ping pong table parts for your Kettler ping pong table. The racquets have a pip in rubber blade, providing more control over the ball for players.

With concave handles, the racquets have an incredible grip and make it easy to use. The bundle comes with 8 white ping pong balls, all having diameters of 40mm.

And the best part – this bundle also includes a zippered nylon case so that you can store the racquets and ball safely without misplacing them.

Its key features include –

  • Suitable for singles as well as doubles play

The set includes 4 racquets, which is perfect for matches with up to 4 players.

  • High-grade ping pong racquets

With an inch and a half thick  sponge between the wood and the rubber sheet in the paddle, this racquet provides perfect control for people who have just picked up the game

  • Superior grip

The ergonomic grip on the concave handle is easy to grip and allows for comfortable gameplay, even during extended use.

  • Quality ping pong balls included

With 8 400mm diameter balls, this set is all you need!

  • Includes nylon carrying case

The zippered case makes it easy to store all these accessories in one place without any hassle.

At just $24.99, this table tennis bundle is easy on the pocket and lets you and your friends have a fun time!

These Kettler ping pong table parts are all you and your friends need to have a great game night with a lot of ping pong fun! Not only are these accessories extremely high quality, but they are pocket-friendly as well, with no compromises made with the types of materials used.

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