How To Wear A Tennis Elbow Strap Effectively?


An elbow strap, also known as an elbow brace is something one wears to relieve an elbow that is suffering from the tennis elbow condition. The tennis elbow is an extremely painful condition that happens to people who tend to perform repetitive motions which cause stress in the tendons of the elbow. One such physical activity which causes tennis elbow is, of course, tennis, as the name of the condition suggests. Wearing a strap of a brace can be very helpful as it helps in relieving the pain. But if worn incorrectly, it can also worsen the situation. So in this article, we will explain how to wear a tennis elbow strap the correct way.

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So how does one wear a tennis elbow strap? Follow the steps given below!

  • Measure your forearm

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to using an elbow brace. What you need to do is measure the circumference of your forearm, just about an inch below your elbow. This measure will help you choose a strap that fits snugly and provides the necessary comfort.

  • Choose an appropriate strap wisely

Go look at a variety of options and pick a brace which best suits your needs. Most of the braces have a foam padding that goes directly against the tendons of the arm to provide added support. Some braces might also come with built-in gel packs, which can be frozen and used to reduces swelling if any. Choose a strap that is wide enough to provide adequate support. A thin strap cannot provide the comfort equivalent to a thick one. A nice wide strap will be able to compress your inflamed tendons effectively. Wash and dry your strap often to maintain healthy hygiene.

  • Slip it on and position it correctly

Open up the brace, slip it on and place it on your inflamed tendons, or the area which hurts the most. Adjust it accordingly. It should be quite tight so that it can exert some pressure on your tendons, but not too hard for the blood circulation to get interrupted. If your package includes a splint, press it against your arm and wrap the smaller wrist strap around the wrist, the same way you tightened the brace below your elbow. If you feel the brace uncomfortably tight, you must loosen it immediately.

  • Just relax

After you have worn the strap, you must rest and refrain from doing heavy physical tasks. Your body needs time to repair itself, and it is best to rest it out during a time like this. If the pain still continues after 24 hours of you using the strap, then you must visit a physician and take an expert opinion.

Although the tennis elbow straps are used for specifically dealing with tennis-related injuries, this strap can also be helpful for people who play golf. The sport also results in a lot of stress in the elbow region, which can be relieved with the help of a strap. Follow the steps given above and you will know how to wear a tennis elbow strap and use it to your best benefit.

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