How to get good at ping pong? Here is the solution!

So you are a laid back ping pong player who wants to polish their skills? Be it an upcoming office tournament or just game night with friends, do you want to stun everyone with your killer moves? If you find yourself asking the question “How to get good at ping pong” over and over again, congratulations! You are just in the right place! Here, we break down how you can go from 0 to 10 at ping pong, but one thing is for sure, none of this will be true if you don’t commit and practice hard. Consider this as the ground rule, from the get-go.

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How to get good at ping pong? By following these tips religiously –

  1. Go back to the basics

The grip on the paddle is one of the most basic things in ping pong. There are 2 basic grips in this game – the shake hand grip and the pen hold grip.

The pen hold grip is called so because the paddle is held between the thumb and the first finger, like how one holds a pen. This grip is most popular among Asian players. Some of the advantages players using the pen hold grip get are that it gives room for more wrist movement and more spin. But with that being said, it is also more difficult to learn. There are still pen hold players at the top of the world rankings (Xu Xin) but the style does seem to be decreasing in popularity, even in China.

The shake hand grip is what is used widely across the world. It is also referred to as the traditional European grip that is now being used increasingly by Asian players as well.

  1. Learn how to serve the right way

Many people shy away from serving the ball, they might not be aware of the fact that the serve is actually a great tactic to startle and get an edge over your opponent. Short serves are preferred by most professional players as this makes the opponent chase the ball down to the net, making it a hard shot to hit. One great tip to improve your serves is to relax your wrist as it will increase the spin of the ping pong ball. You can also mix and match serves to keep your opponent guessing.

  1. Concentrate on your stance

This ideally should be this first point every beginner must keep in mind – stance is everything. Your stance should be low and wide. This position might get tiring, especially when you have to move around like that, but trust me, it will do wonders for you in the long run.

  1. Give a lot of importance to footwork

Not many people would consider this tip a lot because a common misconception is that ping pong is just a game of the arm. While arms do play a very important rule, the footwork plays an equally important role. Practice being quick on your feet and you will go a long way.

  1. Practice the backhand stroke repeatedly

The toughest stroke of all, you can only become the best when you take on challenges head-on. That’s what being accomplished here when you choose to practice the backhand often.

Follow these 5 steps diligently and you will never ask yourself How to get good at ping pongever again!

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