How To Get Better At Ping Pong – Tips and Tricks

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. This, of course, is the truest statement of all. But what one must also keep in mind is that while the constant practice is a given, practicing the right moves is also essentially important. Sports work on muscle memory, so the more you practice, the more the skills get ingrained in your muscles, quite literally. So if you end up practicing wrong moves initially, getting better at ping pong might become quite the task. If you are asking yourself the question “How to get better at ping pong?”, then trust me, you are at the right place!

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Follow the nine tips below if you want to get better at ping pong

  1. Master the basics thoroughly

When I say basics, I really do mean it. Before you start jumping points and start to really challenge yourself, remember that if a mistake continues from the get-go, it becomes extremely difficult to rectify it in the future. So take this time to correct your grip, your positioning, the way you toss the ball and the way you complete your swing. Identify the areas where you lack and concentrate on them exclusively so that you can get them right ultimately.

  1. Learn the basic terminology

This is a great idea because whenever you watch a ping pong match or try to have a conversation with a professional ping pong player, you will know what they are talking about! Terms like spin, service, backhand, backspin, drop shot, chop, forehand, hitter, paddle, loop, pips, smash, stroke, topspin, and twirl are extremely important in a regular game of ping pong. Knowing what they mean is equally important as well

  1. Learn how to serve the ball

Serving the ball correctly sets the tone of the entire game. It is also a great way to gain an edge over your opponent. People who shy away from serving the ball really do miss out on an amazing tactic, which is why if you practice your serves well, you get the upper hand. There are different kinds of serves you can practice, ranging from short serves and longer ones. Short serves are preferable because they come across as unpredictable to the opponent.

  1. Get used to using different heights in one game

If you didn’t know this already, now is a good time to start learning about this. Professional ping pong players use different playing heights in a single game. Height 1 is when he ball bounces on the table, is on the way up and you hit it right when it is about to reach its maximum height. Using a backswing with a short stroke is preferred. Height 2 is when you hit the ball when it is on the maximum height after bouncing on the table. Height 3 is when you hit the ball then it is close to the table after bouncing.

  1. Practice keeping your swings short

This makes your gameplay faster than usual. Longer swings are more time to consume, obviously.

  1. Choose the right equipment

This is very important, as picking the equipment which best fits your needs enables you to be a better player.

  1. Join a club

This will give you more exposure to the world of ping pong. Not only will you get more friends sharing the same interests, but you will get to learn from players who are more advanced than you as well.

  1. Give it your all

Don’t play just with your arm, use all the strength in your body. This will help you develop power in your game.

  1. Concentrate on your footwork

Probably the most underrated part of ping pong, but trust me, footwork is so important. Being quick on your feet is something you must strive for. This will let to hit shots which may seem too out of reach eventually. But working on footwork will definitely show in your game.

Mastering any skill or sport is a matter of practicing the right and important aspects of the game. If you want to get better at ping pong, follow all these steps to the T and see for yourself as you astound your opponents with your killer moves!

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