How To Choose The Perfect Pool Cue For You!

Pool not only is an extremely fun game, but it is also a game that has an air of sophistication to it. Apart from those qualities, the pool also is a game that relies heavily on precision. The level of precision depends a lot upon what type of cue is used to make those shots. I understand that getting the cheapest available cue is easy on the pocket, but that will not ensure that you have a flawless pool record. To have that you must know how to choose a pool cue. Read on to understand more about this very important topic.

The Appearance –

This aspect is the simplest. Do you want an immaculately designed cue or do you like to keep things simple? Do you like having a cue with bold and creative designs on it, or do you prefer one which has the look and feel of natural wood? This aspect of your pool cue is what will make you keep coming back to it. You need to love the way it looks, only then will you be motivated and excited to use it over and over again.

The Tip-

The tip is that the end of the pool cue is used to shove the cue ball. There are two options you can choose from for the perfect cue – a hard tip or a soft tip. A soft tip helps you feel the shot well but the hard tip lasts longer than the soft one. The hard tip is also better at retaining its shape, which is why it is the choice of most professional pool players. The tip of the cue must be no larger than 13mm, as that is the legal outer limit for cue sizes in the United States.

Cue tips can either be light or heavy. For beginners, a cue tip weighing 21 to 21 ounces is perfect. It has been known that the lighter the cue tip, the greater control one gets over it.

How to choose a pool cue based on the grip?

Pool cues have a wrap on the end of the stick to provide a nice feel and grip to the player. Most cues use Irish linen as not only is it a great feeling fabric, but it also lasts longer than others. Some players also use high-grade leather for a great luxurious feel. The leather grips also work great if you sweat too much, as the material can absorb moisture.

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What is the balance point?

The point on the cue where you can balance the whole cue on just 2 fingertips, that point is called the balance point. Remember where this spot is located and shoot different cues to see whether you like a balance point toward the rear or forward.

The joint of your cue is a very crucial part. If the joint is messed up, it has the potential of ruining your game as well as your pool experience entirely.

Wider joints with long-lasting screws are the best, as they are reliable and enhance your playing experience.

If you want to know how to choose a pool cue which is the best and not only makes the game fun, but also improves your skills, keep these small technicalities in mind, and you will never go wrong.

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