How does super glue work on rubber on ping pong paddles?

Before we go ahead and answer the question of how super glue works on the rubber of ping pong paddles, there are a few basic facts we must know about the types of glues used for ping pong, and how different glues affect the quality of play.

The history of speed glue and how it became popular-

Trying out different glues to stick rubber to the ping pong paddles has been a regular phenomenon since about the 1980s. This was done because it was found that different types of glues had the effect of increasing the speed of the rubber used. This stood true if the players often changed the rubber and used the same glue every time they did so. This process of using glue to affect playability later gave rise to the invention of “speed glue” or super glue. But this speed glue often had fumes which resulted in being harmful to the health of the players. This led to the banning of certain types of glues by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

What type of glues were banned by the ITTF?

Starting May of 2007, certain types of glues were banned by the International Table Tennis Federation, because the fumes they emitted were said to be injurious to the health of the ping pong player. The banned glues contained volatile compounds (VOC), including organic as well as inorganic volatile compounds. Only water-based glues are permitted by the ITTF.

So how do you stick the rubber to the ping pong paddle?

There are two ways to do this. Either quick glue sheets or water-based glues are safe to use. If you ask me how super glue works on the rubber of the ping pong paddles, I would say that it works fine, but in the long run, it can harm the health of the players. So quick glue sheets and water-based glues are the better options for sticking the rubber to the paddles.

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Quick glue sheets are nothing but 0.05mm thick glue sheets that have adhesive on both sides. The concept of a quick glue sheet is the same as double-sided tape, but it is just larger and a whole lot stronger. These sheets can be easily procured from stationery stores or from online stores.

Water-based glues can either be regular or speed glues. The regular glue is sufficient for most players, but one thing must be kept in mind that the paddles need to be glued over again after a while to maintain the strength of a bond between the rubber and paddles.

A lot of players deal with the issue of rubber peeling from their paddles. Please understand that this is a very common problem, but it might occur more than regular if the quality of the material used for the paddle is not up to the mark. In a situation like that, the best solution is to just go and buy a new paddle of superior quality. But if it happens just sometimes, regluing a paddle is an option. All you have to do is take a bit of glue or a piece of quick glue sheet as big as the paddle and stick the rubber on the paddle. Make sure that the rubber lies smoothly on the paddle and there are no bumps or air bubbles. Issues like these keep happening, so this is not a matter of concern at all. Now that you know how super glue works on rubber and how you can glue the rubber on the paddle, you are all prepared to handle a situation if there is an emergency with your ping pong paddles.

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