Hockey Games- The Evolution From Field To Arcade

Historians have revealed that hockey, the sport we love so much, goes almost 4000 years back, which its initial roots being traced back to Ancient Egypt. An ancient form of this sport was played in 1000 BC in Ethiopia, and in 2000 BC in Iran as well. The sport was enjoyed by ancient Greeks, Romans and Aztecs alike. You can see that the sport of hockey had to go through a lot of revamping and evolution, as it is still super popular today, all around the world. But what fascinates me the most is the Evolution of hockey from fields to arcades. A game initially started off as the quintessential outdoor game played with pucks and sticks, and now evolved into indoor games, played of the game table, it has been quite an interesting journey.

  What should I look for in an air hockey table?  

How was the first bubble hockey game invented?

Today, going to the arcade and seeing an air hockey game table and a bubble hockey game table is very common. But this wasn’t the case earlier. The first bubble hockey table was invented in 1932, by a man in Canada. Canada is one of the most hockey-loving countries in the world. During the great depression, this inventive Canadian man fell short of cash and decided to make a Christmas present for his children, The result? The first-ever bubble hockey table.

This table game was made using scrap wood, scrap metal, wires from coat hangers and twine. This invention was the first step towards taking hockey from the fields to arcades. People started to use their imagination and customized the game, and that is how we ended up with the current version of bubble or table hockey.

History of the air hockey table –

The air hockey table came out considerably recently, as compared to the bubble hockey table. In 1969, three employees from Brunswick Billiards who worked there as engineers started to work on creating a game table with minimum friction. This was the beginning stage of creating the first air hockey table, which is now a crowd favorite and is popular all over the world. Later, as more and more features were added, including the signature airflow system of the air hockey table, we got the game table as we know it now. Today, if you go to an arcade, you will see that the air hockey table gets maximum traction, because of its fast-paced and exciting nature. Not only is it easy to play, but it also has the element of surprise, which is a product of the super smooth, almost frictionless surface.

It is safe to say that hockey arcade games are almost as popular as field or ice hockey. Both of them are equally fun to play, but the fact remains clear that arcade hockey games require lesser skills and techniques than its outdoor counterpart. Not only are arcade games a great way to bond with friends and family, but with its growing popularity, they are easily accessible and make for a great way to spend your day. While some may say that the evolution of hockey from field to arcade may have reduced the popularity of the original sport of hockey, which is played outdoors, I would argue that not only do these arcade games provide easy access to those who don’t have proper hockey equipment and an outdoor space to play  on, but they are also super entertaining as well!

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