Franklin Quikset Table Tennis Set – A Comprehensive Review

If you love ping pong and enjoy reading what’s new and happening in the ping pong world, this article was written just for you! I came across the Franklin Quikset Table Tennis set recently when I had gone to see a friend. Since both of us love the sport so much, we decided to play a few games (which obviously meant playing at least ten games continuously). I was very impressed with the quality of the table, to say the very least. This is what prompted me to write this piece because I want all ping pong enthusiasts like me to be aware of this wonderful product so that they can have hours and hours of ping pong fun!

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About Franklin Sports –

Based in the United States, Franklin keeps the issues of space in their minds all the time, as they are aware that housing a full-size ping pong table in most homes these days can be quite an issue. For this reason, they keep their focus on space-saving designs, making them a pioneer in this niche.

The Franklin Sports Mid Size Table Tennis Table is an integral part of the Franklin Quikset Table Tennis set. Continue reading if you want a detailed review of this table –

Keeping their ideology of saving space in mind, the Franklin Sports Mid Size Table Tennis Table is designed for the home which has a big love for the game but does not have the big space for it. With its innovative design, the table is easy to set up and fold up, just in a matter of a few seconds. The built-in handles on the table make it easy for you to carry the folded table wherever you wish. This great portability makes it a very popular choice among people who are always on the move.

Some of its key features include –

  • Easy to assemble

Unlike other tables, this ping pong table requires minimum effort to set up. All you have to do is unfold each half of the table, swing the legs open, fix the support bar in place and that’s it! You’re all set to play.

  • Compact and portable

Being just 72 inches long and weighing 63 pounds, this table is smaller than a regulation ping pong table, making it perfect for smaller spaces. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. The handles on the table make it easy to carry the table as well.

  • Strong legs with leg levelers

The legs of this table are very stable and strong, making it suitable for rough play. The leg levelers make it easy to even out any uneven playing surface.

  • Great quality build

The tabletop is 9mm thick and is made up of high-quality MDF for superior play and bounce.

  • Comes with the ball and paddle holders

The table has a unique design of ping pong ball holders and paddles. The holders can accommodate 2 balls and 2 paddles.

Table specifications –

  • Dimensions – 72 x 36 x 30 inches
  • Weight – 63 pounds
  • Cost – $121.84

The only drawback of this table is that it does not include any accessories, bub official Franklin accessories can be found on the internet very easily.

Franklin Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top

If you have a hard time committing to a ping pong table, fear not! The Franklin Quikset Table Tennis set has got you covered, with its Table Tennis Conversion Tabletop. Now easily convert any tabletop into a ping pong table with this conversion table, and have a quick game of ping pong on the dining table, or in your office rec room. The table can be set up completely in just a few minutes and folds up literally in a few seconds. The conversion top comes in standard ping pong table size and becomes half the size when folded up.

Its key features include –

  • Light and durable

Weighing just a few pounds, this conversion tabletop is very strong and resistant to hard shots as well, despite its sleek and stylish appearance.

  • Easy to assemble

With pre-assembled hinges that help to install the table in just a few minutes, this surely is a fuss-free conversion top.

  • Comes with a ping pong net

This conversion top comes with an attachable net which is super easy to install.

  • Standard ping pong table dimensions

At 9 by 5 feet, you get the experience of playing on a real ping pong table without having to commit to buying a table.

Table specifications –

  • Dimensions – 9 feet by 5 feet (length and breadth respectively)
  • Cost – $177.99

Spread it on any flat surface and get playing!

The Franklin Quikset Table Tennis set is revolutionary and keeps the struggles of modern families in mind while making products that suit their needs well.

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