Dimensions Of A Regulation Shuffleboard Table – Equipments

Shuffleboard is a fun game played with weighted discs that are pushed by cues. These discs slide down the narrow and long shuffleboard table and the aim is to have the discs rest within a designated marked scoring area. The regulation shuffleboard table is quite long, but variations in sizes are widely available.

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A regulation shuffleboard table is about 22 feet long and 20 inches wide. They are characterized by their long and slender appearance. The playing surface of the shuffleboard table is paid a lot of attention to, as the surface needs to be impeccably smooth so that the weighted discs can slide over them flawlessly.

The dimensions of shuffleboard can change according to the player’s wishes, as there are many different sized tables available. A shuffleboard court refers to the area where the table is placed, along with the players as well. The dimensions of a shuffleboard court are always greater than the shuffleboard table. An official shuffleboard court is supposed to be 39 feet long and 6 feet wide. Each end of the shuffleboard court has a scoring zone. Behind the scoring, the zone is a 10-off zone. The court area is generally painted in a dark color.

Shuffleboard equipment –

The pucks of the shuffleboard table are 2 ¼ to 2 5/16 inches wide. The game is played with 8 pucks which are durable, hard and made of plastic. Each of these pucks weighs 15 ounces. The cue sticks used to push the weighted pucks are 6 feet long with a hard plastic end.

So how much space do you need for a shuffleboard table?

Let’s put it this way – add two feet on either end of the shuffleboard table and you have the ideal space required. By adding 4 feet on either end, you are granting yourself the privilege of playing in luxury and not knocking over things in your home.

Shopping for a shuffleboard table –

If you are a fan of pub games, then you are probably no stranger to this awesome game. Well, that makes a lot of sense, since you are now on the journey towards buying your own shuffleboard tables. But there is so much to know before you make a purchase as big as this. Not only is a shuffleboard tables a major expense, but also takes up quite a lot of space in your home. So the best thing to do is spend quality time doing your research to find just the one that fits the bill.

Few things to keep in mind before you buy the shuffleboard table of your dreams –

  • The size of the table
  • The construction of the cabinet
  • The construction of the playfield
  • The legs of the table
  • Scoring units
  • Climate adjusters
  • Accessories

A regulation shuffleboard table is usually a bit too big to accommodate in most people’s’ homes, but this issue is easily fixable, thanks to the plethora of size options available. Go ahead, find the size which best suits your home and is ready to have a great time!

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