Best pool cues under $100 reviewed for beginners

If you are a novice pool player looking for the best pool cues for beginners, then chances are you have been shooting with a house cue so far. And in this case, finding the right pool cue can be a tad overwhelming. With so many brands, each offering several cue sticks, choosing the one that is right for you is no joke.

In fact, I messed it up pretty bad when I bought my first pool cue. Back then, I had very little idea about pool accessories. Although I was shooting pretty regularly in my office pool room and a local pool hall, I had no pool cue of my own. So, I decided to purchase one! Well, let’s just say, I wasted a lot of money, purchasing a number of cues which I eventually threw away. It took me a lot of trial and error to find out the best pool cue for myself.

So, when I say, I get it, I really really do! This is why, I’ve gone through hundreds of pool cues review and tried out over 20 cue sticks myself, to bring you this list of best pool cues for beginners.

First thing first, when you are a beginner, you have little idea about the kind of stick that would complement your games. Sticking to a lower budget may be a great idea here. I learnt this first hand! Keeping this in mind, I’ve included only the best pool cues under $100 here. But, before we jump into the list, let me give you a quick guideline on how to choose the best cue stick as a beginner.

Things to consider before choosing the best pool cues for beginners

When you are looking for best pool cues under $100, going by the look is the worst mistake you can commit. Sure, a great looking cue stick has its advantages. (Of course, I am talking about those admiring glances from around the hall.) But, it’s like buying a sword for its mesmerizing good looks. It’s great as a wall hanging. But, if you want to get into a sword-fight, you better have an instrument that’s sharp. The same principle goes here!

So, here are the things you need to consider before selecting the best pool cues for beginners:

One Piece Vs Two Piece Cues

As the name suggests, a one-piece cue is made of one single piece of wood. Whereas, a two-piece cue has two parts, a shaft (the front portion) and a butt (the bottom portion). These two parts are joined in the middle by a joint.

Now, both one-piece and two-piece cues have their advantages and disadvantages. And, it’s up to you to consider them and choose the right one.

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To start with, one-piece cues are relatively less costly than the two-piece ones. Made with one single stick of hardwood, these cues are easy to maintain and great for beginners. However, on the downside, carrying these sticks around is a pain. And, in case your cue stick began to warp, it is almost impossible to salvage it.

When it comes to two-piece cues, the great thing is, you can customize the weight of the cues by just changing the butt. Moreover, in case the shaft begins to warp, you can simply replace this part, keeping the butt intact.  And the good news is, I found some the best pool cues under $100 in this category.

Personally, I like two-piece cue sticks better than the one-piece ones. If you mainly play in some pool hall or at some friend’s place and carry the pool cue with you, it would be much easier to carry a two-piece cue in its compact storage box, than a long one-piece one.

Cue Length

The first thing to consider here is the kind of game you want to play and where do you want to play it. Nowadays, the most popular pocket pool games are 8 balls and 9 balls. You are most likely to play these games in pool halls, clubs, taverns and tournaments. So, if these are the games you most enjoy, a standard 56”- 58” long cue stick is ideal for you. This is considering you are an adult player with average height.

A shorty cue of 48” length may be a better choice if you are buying the cue for someone young. Children often cannot handle the standard length cues well and thus starting out with a short cue is the best option.

Another situation where a short cue is helpful is when you have space constraints. A few years ago, one of my pool loving friends was setting up a pool table in his house. While the room was spacious enough, one side of the table was a bit cramped for handling a standard cue stick. A 48” short cue solved the issue nicely. So, if you are facing the same issue, don’t compromise on your game, simply get a short cue to shoot with.

Cue Weight

Well, this is a touchy subject! There are many theories about the ideal weight of a pool cue and each has as many supporters as the next. A lighter cue can deliver a softer strike, which in turn offers greater control. On the other hand, a weightier cue stick can lend more power and spin to your hits. But, this may lessen your control on the hits, leading to miscues.

At the end of the day, it is about what feels right for you. So, how to go about it? The way to decide is to try as many pool cues as possible. If you mainly play in a pool hall, you may try out different house cues to figure out what weight makes you most comfortable. You may try out cues from your friends and playmates too. Find out a cue that feels right in your hand and go with it.


This is one feature you cannot compromise on. If your cue is not straight, it is of no use. Any bend on the cue stick, no matter how slight, will compromise your game for sure. Read as many pool cues review as possible to find out whether the cue you are selecting has the right straightness.

Best Pool Cues Under $100 for Beginners

Now that you know what to look for, let us take a look at the best pool cues for beginners.

  1. Lot of 4-58 2 Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Table Stick 18-21 Oz With Steel Joint

Value for money cue sticks set for beginners

This set of pool cues by Iszy Billiards is definitely a great find. The set contains four cues in total, each with the weight of 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz. I’ve tried out each one of these cues and let’s be honest, they are absolutely great. These are two-piece pool cues, greatly built to offer precision and they look so good that you would probably want to keep them on display. And, just to be sure, I’ve read several pool cues review about these and all of them have really great feedback.

2 Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Table Stick 18 - 21 Oz With Steel Joint.jpg


This set of pool cues indeed offers great quality. The brand uses one of the best quality Canadian maple woods for manufacturing these cue sticks. Not only the wood, starting from the Irish linen wraps till the high-grade steel joints, everything about this stick speaks of quality.


Well, a friend of mine has been using these sticks for quite some time and they are literally as good as new. Moreover, I’ve talked to a number of users and most everyone vouched for the durability of these sticks. Made with hardwood and all high-grade materials, this one is definitely one of the most durable pool cues in this segment.


A cue stick is as good as it shoots! And this is one of the best pool cues for beginners in this regard. The cues are absolutely straight and superbly balanced. Moreover, the 13mm fiber ferrule and glue on leather tip ensure crisp contact each time. The result is, you shoot with amazing precision and accuracy.


These sticks do not need much maintenance. Replacing the tip from time to time is enough to keep these in best form. However, you might want to store these in hard-case storage boxes to ensure that they retain their no-bend design for a long time.

  • Offers great weight variety; particularly awesome if you are setting up a private pool table.
  • The high-quality steel joint ensures perfect balance.
  • No-bend design offers precision.
  • The ferrule diameter is perfect for most pocket pool games including 8 balls and 9 balls.
  • The wrap offers a great grip and helps you take the right shot.
  • Looks great.
  • Being two-piece cues, the sticks need proper hard-case storage and maintenance

Short 48" 2 Piece Hardwood Maple Pool Cue - Billiard Stick Several Colors To Choose From 18 Or 19 Ounce

While these cues sticks may not be perfect for league players, these certainly are the best pool cues for beginners.

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2. Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58″ Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

Great cue sticks for daily use.

This again is a set of four two-piece cue sticks that can be used by commercial pool halls, office pool tables or a private one. The sticks come in four different weights, i.e. 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz. The sturdy cue sticks are built to withstand heavy usage, and thus can be used as commercial or house cues as well. The best thing that I noticed while trying it is the great balance it offers. The butt of the sticks comes with beautiful inlay designs which make these cues a pleasure to look upon!

Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58" Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks


These are one of the best pool cues under $100 that offer great quality. The shafts are made of hardwood and the cue sticks come with 5/16 X 18 joints, made of great quality steel. At 58” length, these pool cues set is a great choice for most pool and billiard games.


When you buy a pool cue, you want it to last. At least, I do! This one does not disappoint here. Thanks to the great quality materials used for manufacturing these cue sticks, they are highly durable and are likely to serve you for a long time.


The first thing I noticed while shooting with one of these cues is how balanced the stick felt. The Le Pro leather tip that comes with these sticks is medium to medium-hard, offering a perfect blend of power and control. To add to this, the shaft comes well sanded and features no-bend design. In short, these sticks are built for precision and accuracy. Try these out and your game will improve a few notches instantly.


These sticks does not need much maintenance. Simply ensure proper hard casing for these and they’ll keep in good shape for years.

  • The sticks are built to withstand heavy usages; so are perfect for commercial pool halls as well as private tables.
  • The cue tips offer perfect balance for each shot while offering great spin too.
  • The shaft is pretty smooth and glides easily through the fingers.
  • The joint is super solid. Once you assemble the cue, it can stay put for a long time.
  • Absolutely straight, so offers precision with each strike.
  • The butt inlays make the cues really eye-catching.
  • A few users reported receiving faulty cues; however, the faulty ones were quickly replaced by the seller

Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58" Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

This cue stick set is definitely one of the best pool cues for beginners in terms of features, durability, price range as well as looks. If you are looking for cues that’ll help you make the right shots and not break the bank, then go for these cues without a second thought.

3. Valhalla by Viking 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick With Irish Linen Wrap

A cue stick with an attitude.

Okay, I cannot critique this cue at all! Be it quality, looks, precision or value for money, this Valhalla cue by Viking makes you fall in love with it. And going by the reputation Viking has, it is no wonder really! Valhalla is one of the best pool cues under $100 manufactured by the brand. And it surely does not disappoint when it comes to upholding the Viking quality. The two-piece cue stick comes in seven bright colors that help you make quite a statement. The cue is a true shooter in every sense. What more, I am in love with the bright, bold color options it comes with!

Valhalla by Viking 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick With Irish Linen Wrap


The shaft and the forearm of this 58” cue stick are crafted with hard rock maple woods. The butt comes with adjustable weight so that you can select any weight from 18 to 21 oz as per your preference. The 5/16 X 18 stainless steel joint offers stability and balance, while the Irish linen wrap helps you take the right shot with great grip.


Durability comes from quality. And, made with top quality materials, this cue stick is made to withstand regular usage for a long time. The cue even has a rubber bumper placed on the bottom of the stick to protect it from accidental fall.


Some time ago, one of my pool buddies started using this cue stick. And his game literally improved a few notches instantly. I guess, now I know how! When assembled, the cue stick is perfectly straight and superbly balanced. Add to that the 13 mm tip made of high-grade leather; and you get crisp, precise shots each time, every time.


This one is pretty low maintenance. Simply change the tip as needed and store it properly when not in use, and you are done! The fact that there is lifetime manufacturer guarantee for pretty much everything that can go wrong, makes it even sweeter.

  • The cue stick comes with a life-time manufacturer guarantee, even for warping.
  • The sticks are super durable.
  • The tip is perfectly rounded on arrival, no need for shaping at all. Simply grab and start playing.
  • The steel joints offer great balance.
  • The adjustable weight means that you have the option of choosing a different weight for each of your games.
  • High-quality leather tips and high impact ferrule ensure crisp contact on every stroke.
  • Irish linen wrap offers a great grip.
  • The rubber bumper absorbs shock and protects the cue from chipping and cracking for a long time.
  • The stain color may have a slight unevenness

Valhalla by Viking 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick With Irish Linen Wrap

When it comes to user feedback, we have nothing short of superlatives to say about this cue. If you are a beginner and want to have a quality cue in your kit, then this one is your best choice. Admiring looks is a guarantee here, thanks to the bold colors and great design.

4. T&R sports Hardwood Billiard House Cue Sticks 2-Piece Pool Cue, 58 Inch/48 Inch

Great cue sticks for house table.

This pack of two cue sticks from T & R Sports has a lot of great pool cues review to its credit. That was the very reason, I went and reviewed it myself. Well, this is one of the best pool cues for beginners without a doubt! If you are looking for some cues to play with your friends and family, then these are definitely a great choice. The set contains two two-piece cue sticks, a standard of 58” or a short of 48”. I found the cues to be great for beginners in terms of quality and value for money.

T&R sports Hardwood Billiard House Cue Sticks 2-Piece Pool Cue, 58 Inch 48 Inch.jpg


T&R sports being a reputed brand uses quality materials for manufacturing their cues. These are no different! The shaft and butt are made of high-quality hardwood. The center joint features high-grade steel. The quality of the material is clearly visible in the look and feel of the cue sticks.


The cues feel pretty solid in hand and as per a number of pool cues review, the cues can withstand regular wear and tear for pretty long. So, if you are a regular pool player, shooting almost every day, these cues are perfect for you.


Precision and accuracy of your hits depend a lot on your cue stick. This basic cue is completely straight and nicely tapered. The glue on 13 mm is medium hard and makes the contacts pretty crisp. I tried it out for two solid days of pool binge and it did stand up to my expectations.


These are low maintenance basic cues. So, as long as you are storing these right and replacing the worn down tips on the regular basis, they’ll stay in form for long

  • The cue sticks are pretty durable.
  • The center joint offers great balance and ensures precision.
  • No-bend design helps you master the game.
  • Cues come in two different sizes, i.e. 58” and 48”. So, you can choose the one that is perfect for your table.
  • The two-piece built offers ease of transportation.
  • Some of the users complained about receiving a faulty design which was swiftly replaced by the seller

T&R sports Hardwood Billiard House Cue Sticks 2-Piece Pool Cue, 58 Inch/48 Inch

Well, all things considered, these are no-frills basic cue sticks that let you play with control and precision. If you are setting up a new pool table or just want to add a few cues to your collection for guests, then these will serve your purpose well.

5. AB Earth 2-Piece Pool Cue/Pool Stick Ergonomic Design Hardwood Canadian Maple Billiard Cue,18-21 Oz,13mm Hard Le Pro Tip

A light cue stick with ravishingly good looks.

This cue stick by AB Earth is definitely one of the best pool cues for beginners. Very reasonably priced, it is hard to find a match for this one in the same price segment. Apart from the great quality and built, the cue stick comes in seven different colors for you to choose from. Designed to offer accuracy and power with each stroke this cue stick is great for both personal and commercial use. So, if you are setting up a pool table at the house or simply want to buy some cues for your guests to play with, these are great choices.

AB Earth 2-Piece Pool Cue/Pool Stick Ergonomic Design Hardwood Canadian Maple Billiard Cue,18-21 Oz,13mm Hard Le Pro Tip


This cue stick is a bit lightweight. But that sure does not compromise its quality! Maple wood is used to craft the shaft and the butt of the stick. The 5/16 X 18 center pin is made of high-grade steel. Overall, the stick feels solid and sturdy in hand.


Don’t go by the low price; this cue stick can easily make the best pool cues under $100 a run for their money when it comes to durability. The stick is amazingly balanced and strong. So, go ahead, shoot with it as much as you want.


One of my friends has this cue stick in his house and every time I play at his table, I shoot with it. There is nothing critical that one can say about the precision and accuracy the stick offers. The cue features an ergonomic design that makes the stick balanced and stable, facilitating accurate shots. Moreover, the Le Pro leather tip ensures crisp and powerful contact, reducing miscues significantly. So, if you are a beginner and want to improve your game, then this is the perfect cue stick for you.


This cue does not need much maintenance. Make sure to store them in a hard case box and they’ll retain their shape for a long time. Moreover, there is a one year warranty on quality of the stick. So, if anything goes wrong, you can easily get it fixed by the manufacturer.

  • Comes with a one year quality warranty.
  • Pretty durable, can withstand regular high volume usage.
  • No-bend design lets you shoot accurately.
  • The cue tip is perfectly shaped on arrival; you can start shooting right out of the box.
  • Offers great grip.
  • The glue on tip may come off sooner than other cue sticks

AB Earth 2-Piece Pool Cue/Pool Stick Ergonomic Design Hardwood Canadian Maple Billiard Cue,18-21 Oz,13mm Hard Le Pro Tip

While this one is not appropriate for tournament players, it offers quality and looks as one of the best pool cues under $100. Buy it to add a dash of color to your table or as a gift for someone who shoots regularly, this pool cue is not going to disappoint you one bit!


As a beginner, choosing a cue stick to buy is a difficult choice. What if I don’t like the stick? What if the stick is of bad quality? What if I end up spending a lot of money? Well, I have been there! And I do know how it feels to spend a lot of money and no quality cue stick to show for it. But these are the best cue sticks under $100 for beginners. Yes, these are not very high-end and expensive. But, if you are looking for basic cues that are durable and precise, then these cues are perfect fits for you. Choose the one that fits your requirements and gets shooting!

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