All You Need To Know About Pool Sticks For Women

As we all know it, men and women, both, are capable of doing everything, despite their gender. But one thing is for sure that the physical anatomy of the two genders is quite different. Most of the sporting equipment you find is mostly very masculine. This means that not many products are created which pay attention to the needs of women. But if you are a woman with a knack for the pool, I have some great news for you! There are some super considerate brands out there that cater specifically to the needs of women. Women pool sticks are still a new genre of pool equipment, and hopefully, it will only grow more.

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As a woman myself, I find it incredibly hard to find the right cue for me. But then I was introduced to pool sticks for women and it changed my life. What I like about them is that they are designed to be slightly shorter than the average pool cues and are designed with a finesse game in mind. The short lengths of women pool sticks make it easier for women to handle the cues and have more control over them.


Some brands like Athena Cues offer extensions that you can add to your pool cues so that it is easier to reach balls that are far away from you. This gives you extra reach without having to deal with a very long cue all the time. Athena also offers a wide variety of choices of pool cues for women varying in color and design.

The Leopard Cue by Athena –

One of my all-time favorite women pool sticks, the Leopard offers a black stained hard rock maple forearm that has teal points encasing a fancy leopard print. The sleeve of the cue features a black stain with blue marble acrylic rings. The tip of the cue is made up of a seven-layered proprietary boar skin. The ferrule is made up of fiber and featured a piloted joint. With a black rubber bumper, stainless steel collar and a black Irish linen wrap, this pool cue is classy and sophisticated, just like women.

Pink Flame by Stealth Cues –

This pink number not only looks cute but is also a great pool cue to play with. Precise, strong and steady, this cue has a pink flame design, adding to the feminine touch. It has a 13mm Lepro tip and also features a one-inch fiber linen ferrule. With a stainless steel collar, stainless steel joint, and a stainless steel pin, this is a very well built cue stick. The stick also has a single silver ring and a Dooley handle wrap and a black rubber bumper.

Pink Cue and Case Combo by American Heritage –

This amazing cue and case combo come in a very stylish shade of baby pink. To top it off, the cue is also created for a great cause. It supports the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. The cue is made up of a pink pearlized metal and comes along with a pink pool glove and a hard tube to store the pool cue in. Weighing just about a pound, it is the perfect pool stick for women.

Finally, all the women who were disappointed with traditional pool sticks now have pool sticks for women so that they can perform their best as well!


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