Air Hockey to Pool Table Conversion Top – A Guide

If you are a fan of arcade games, then you surely must have heard of Air Hockey. This game is very popular and is played on a table where the playing field has multiple holes through which fast jet streams of air are released. This makes it easy for the puck to glide over, which is pushed around with two strikers. The pool is another very popular game, mostly seen in bars and pubs. Ever thought of combining these arcade and pub favorites, into one single game table? If you haven’t someone else sure has, and the idea has given rise to air hockey to pool table conversion tops, a widely appreciated concept by all table game enthusiasts alike.

  What type of game is Online air hockey?  

As you might be aware, game tables are an investment, both in terms of money and space. So if someone gives you the option of combining more games in just one game table, I say you should jump on the opportunity before it is too late. Air hockey and pool are some of the most loved game tables all over the world, so it’s only obvious that some genius somewhere came up with the idea of combining the two into one genius invention. There are many game tables which allow air hockey to pool table conversion easily.

Hammacher Schlemmer game table –

This table tops my list when it comes to air hockey to pool table conversion. The simple rotating action makes switching between the two games a breeze, in just a matter of seconds. All you have to do is rotate the table by 180 degrees and voila! You have now switched from air hockey to pool, just like that. The air hockey game tabletop flaunts a flawless white glossy surface, which has a 110-volt blower which constantly blows a steady stream of air. Made out of solid Medium Density Fibreboard, both the game tabletops are strong and built for heavy-duty play. The pool table is resistant to warping and is covered by a nylon blend cloth. This table comes along with two 57 inch long cues, a set of pool balls, a rack for the pool balls, chalk for the cues, two air hockey strikers and two air hockey pucks.

Fat Cat Triple Threat Flip Game Table-

As the name of the table itself suggests, the Fat Cat Triple Threat table combines the fun of pool, air hockey and ping pong is just one marvelously designed game table. With the unique flipping action, making the switch between different games extremely easy, you get the unique arcade or pub gaming experience right in the comfort of your home. Every playing field of this game table is made to suit its game, making sure to give you a great experience no what game you play. The air hockey table is exceptional, powered by a 220-volt motor, making the playing surface extremely smooth and silky. The extra glossy playing surface features hockey rink graphics for an excellent atmosphere during games. The latch system of the table makes it very easy to change from one gaming mode to another, and also makes sure that the table stays stable no matter what. With a versatile table frame, the game tables stay protected from any kind of wear and tear, and also offers great storage space for the plethora of accessories included in this all-in-one package. Speaking of accessories, this ping pong and hockey table include four pushers and pucks, a set of billiard balls, a resin triangle, two 57 inch long cue sticks, two pieces of chalk for the cue sticks, a billiard brush, two table tennis paddles and balls, and a net with post set.

If you are looking for a table that can satiate your air hockey and pool cravings, you definitely should look into these air hockey to pool table conversion tops. Get one of these and you are guaranteed to have a great time!

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