7 Best Pool Stick Brands Out There – Top Brands and review

The pool is an indoor table sport loved by people all over the world. It only makes sense that there are so many brands selling pool tables and accessories. But which one’s are the best? In this article, we give you the 7 best pool stick brands in the pool industry. PS – Pool sticks are also referred to as pool cues.

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McDermott arguably comes at on top of the best pool stick brands ever. Started in 1975, McDermott has dedicated its life to bettering the experience of pool players by equipping them with the best variety of pool cues they can. Using the latest technology teamed with their state-of-the-art facility, McDermott produces the finest quality of pool cues imaginable, made out of the best materials one can get their hands on. Learning over the years, they do not shy away from innovation and always try new things to make sure their customers get the best experience they can possibly imagine. Since the pool is a very technical game, a lot of emphasis is placed on the aspect of precision. For making the most precise shots and to achieve excellence, the best pool cue is your secret weapon. Get a McDermott pool cue and it will surely bring out the best in you. With McDermott’s workshops in Menomonee Fall in Wisconsin, they employ the best staff who have as much passion for the game as you do. They have involved cue designers and engineers from all over the world so that they can craft the best cues. Each pool cue needs to undergo over 150 different processes, which make it the pool cue that it is when you hold it in your hands to take the perfect shot. The shafts of McDermott cues are made of Kiln-dried, hand-selected North American Hard Rock maple which are turned 11 times for stability. The forearms handle, and sleeves of these quality made cues are made from wood which is sourced from the best places around the world.


Professional pool players swear by their Meucci pool cues. Envisioned and designed by Bob Meucci, these cues are crafted to perfection, so that players can make the best shots with minimum efforts. The Meucci cues offer a softer and more consistent hit, aiming at reducing the deflection of the cue ball. It is a well-known fact that a good quality pool cue can enhance the performance of a player significantly. Meucci promises all these advantages, at a comparatively lower price. With features like a butt slice design which increases the amplification of a stroke and in turn also minimizes the warping of the cue, Meucci is hellbent on providing the best at the best suitable price. These cues have a special shaft called the Black Dot Bullseye Shaft, which is particular to Meucci cues. The 2% or lesser differential of the spine is a sign of the Black Dot Bullseye shaft. The radial consistency of the Black Dot Bullseye shaft is equal to naturally available Hard Maple or any other kind of pie-laminated shafts available in the market right now.

The joint and ferrule design of Meucci cues allows the players for maximum performance with minimum effort. Meucci pool cues have one and one aim only- to give maximum power to the player with minimum strength.


There is one thing for sure – Schon surely isn’t cheap, but all the money spent is an investment for your pool skills. While there is Schon pool cue for everyone, it comes at a price. Schon focuses on hit and feel, giving it the most priority. Being a small company, this doesn’t deter Schon from creating quality pool cues, one after another. Being a family-owned business, passion is key. The founder of Schon is Terry Romine. Made with a lot of care, all the pool cues undergo quality practices and engineering which make them the best. Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, Willy Munson, Buddy Hall “The Rifle”, Minnesota Fats, Dallas West, Boston Shorty, Karen Corr, and well as the upcoming star Sergio Rivas are some of the notable names in the field of the pool who have been known to use Schon pool cues. Born in the backroom of High Pockets North, Schon stays grounded and focuses on just making the best cues, no compromises under any circumstances. Carrying traditional American varieties but with modern technology and craftsmanship, Schon sure has proved it’s worth and still continues to do so, time after time. The reason why so much importance is given to the making of these cues is that Schon understands that the game of pool relies heavily on precision, and the only way to ensure this is by using the best cue which enables you to be as precise as possible.


Started by Dan Janes in 1968, Joss has one and only one aim – to make the best pool cues for their customers. Initially started off with a business partner, Dan decided to go solo in 1972, and still continues to give it his all. Now his son Stephen has joined the endeavor of creating handcrafted pool equipment. Joss shot to fame when it got featured in the famous movie “The Colour Of Money”, where the cue which is referred to as a Balabushka is originally a Joss pool cue. Dan has been the one to supply pool cues to many big-shots of the pool industry, such as members of the BCA Hall of Fame (Mike Sigel, Nick Varner, Jim Rempe, Eddie Taylor, the late Jimmy Moore, Luther Lassiter), plus a roster of active competitors that reads like a who’s who of pool. He has also made cues for Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Nicole Kidman,, Jimmy Connors and the entire starring cast of TV’s Mission Impossible. Dan also was invited to be a part of the American Cue Makers Association hall of fame in 2003. Adding to that, he was also inducted to the International Cuemakers Association hall of fame in 2012, which goes to show that he really knows what he is doing, and he sure is doing it right.


Lucasi has been in the pool cues game for more than 20 years, giving it the expertise a qualified cue maker needs to push its customers to perform their best while being equipped with the best. These cues have the most top-notch quality uni lock and quick-release joint, making the cues easy to ease and providing maximum control to the players. Made from unique, strong and exotic woods, the pool cues pride themselves upon their unique design. These cues can help you turn the game around and add a certain level of excitement so that not only will you ace the games, but you will also enjoy the experience immensely. And you know what’s even better? All the Lucas cues come with an extraordinary lifetime warranty, so at any point in time you feel that the cues are not performing as they had promised, you can take it to the retailer and appropriate action will be taken. So far, the stats show that most people who purchase a Lucasi pool cue, have been very satisfied with their purchase, and you will be too! This is our guarantee. Lucasi also makes custom made cues for people who like having personalized playing equipment to serve some of their specific needs.


The founder of this brand is Jerry Pachauri. He had a very humble beginning, which then led to something spectacular. While working as an apprentice at a truck mechanic shop in 1961, he developed an interest in pool and would often play with his fellow employees. This led him to try making his own playing equipment so that he could design it the way he wanted exactly. He bought a wood lathe and tried to make a shaft so that he could use it for his games. This was the first step taken by Jerry and soon enough, a passion for pool translated into a very successful family business. He and his son Joe and ensured that each pool cue they made was the definition of perfection. He soon got the reputation for being the best cue maker in and around Green Bay. All he would do in his free time was fixing broken old cues. He used his money wisely and constantly invested in buying better equipment for his customers. According to Jerry, the most time-consuming part of making a cue is making the shafts and tapering shafts and butts. To take care of these tasks, he had a patented machine which he would use and became his most prized possession. After 14 years of being a small-time but highly reputed cue maker, Jerry decided to expand to spread his love and knowledge of cue making. His son Joe acquired some of his father’s interests and created his first cue at the age of 14. Oliver Ortmann, the pool world champion got associated with Jerry through his brilliant work. This association later gave rise to the Ortmann series of pool cues.

  1. Jacoby

Jacoby Custom Cues Inc was incepted in 1982. Initially, it was called Dave’s Cue Service. This was when David, the owner of the company, and his son Shane would repair old and wrecked pool cues in the basement of their family home. After gaining a few years of experience in this field, they finally gathered up the courage and created their first pool stick. The customers loved their product and this encouraged them to make more and more. Now, they have name and fame, thanks to the high-grade pool cues they supply all over the world. What started off as a small basement business, is now an international phenomenon. In 1992, they moved out of their basement and started operating from a proper shop. Based in Wisconsin, all their pool cues are made in the shop from beginning to end. While his other son Brandon runs and operates all of the shop and cue making duties, Dave can be found at most major pool tournaments and cue shows throughout America, going around and showing and explaining the quality of his cues, making sure he gives the right cue to the right person. This process is key to understanding what needs to stay, what needs to go and what they need to do next so that they can get even better than before.

These 7 best pool stick brands will never cease to amaze the massive pool loving community!

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